September 7, 2023

Tips for Planning a Kid-Friendly Stay in Our Springdale Resort

One of the things that makes Zion National Park so special is that it truly has something for everyone. 

The popular park has a variety of hiking trails, ranging from the challenging Angels Landing to accessible options like the Pa’rus Trail. The Zion Human History Museum and the Zion Canyon Visitor Center are a history-enthusiast’s paradise, packed with exhibits to educate you on the unique history of the park and its diverse habitats. Prefer to get off the beaten path to find some peace and quiet? Kolob Canyons, the lesser-known section of the park, is just the place. A scenic drive through the park’s Upper Canyon is a great way to give your feet a rest and see some of the park’s best views. If you don’t feel like driving, you can utilize the shuttle system to ride straight from Cliffrose Lodge to many of ZIon’s most popular destinations.

It’s no secret that Zion has plenty to offer to adult visitors. But what if you’re traveling with kids? While they might not be able to do a through-hike of The Narrows, there’s no shortage of things to do with kids in the park. Keep reading to learn how to plan a kid-friendly stay in our Springdale resort.

Keep Your Plans Flexible

When hiking with a friend or your spouse, you probably already have an idea of the types of trails that you can handle, as well as how long they might take you. You can arrive at Zion, grab a map at the Visitor Center, and pick a trail on a whim. Armed with your hiking boots, sunscreen, boots, and water, you can spend your day enjoying a spontaneous hike.

With kids, things get a bit more tricky. Is that trail rated “moderate” because of its length, or is it because of treacherous rocks or cliff faces you’ll have to traverse? Will that easy trail really take just an hour, or will there be side trips that could stretch it into 2 or 3? Are the temperatures expected to rise, making even a short trail dangerously difficult for young hikers?

It can be tempting to plan out your visit down to the minute in an effort to pack in as much as possible. But if you’re planning an outdoor vacation with kids, it’s always best to keep your plans as flexible as possible. That way, if conditions on the trail are too wet to be safe, you can easily switch to Plan B for the day. If your little ones are more tired on Day 3 than you expected, you can spend a day relaxing at the pool at your Springdale resort instead of heading into the park for more hiking.

Take it Slow

Whether your kids tend to be very active at home or not, a vacation can be draining for everyone. Differences in time zones, long travel days, unfamiliar beds, and new routines can leave your kiddos feeling overly tired and cranky. It might just leave adults feeling the same way!

One great way to combat this to schedule in a day or two of rest throughout your trip. In fact, adding a rest day to the start of your trip can be a great way to let everyone adjust to a new resort, a new time zone, and the new routines of vacation. When you book your stay at our Zion hotel, you’ll find plenty of ways to fill your day without ever having to venture off property!

Get Everyone in on the Planning

While you should be the one researching and ultimately choosing which hikes and activities will and won’t work for your family, it’s never too early to get kids involved in planning your vacation.

Talk with your little ones about what they would like to do on your vacation. Scroll through photos and videos online posted by other travelers, and discuss what looks fun to each member of your group. When kids are involved in the planning process, they’ll be much more likely to be happy and engaged during the actual trip.

Always Carry Snacks

Of course, one of the best ways to ward off cranky kids and adults is to always carry snacks. Whether a hike takes longer than expected, you’re waiting for the next Zion Canyon Shuttle, or you just finished breakfast but someone is already asking when you can head to Anthera for lunch, having some simple snacks on hand can go a long way towards keeping everyone happy.

Planning a Kid-Friendly Stay in Our Springdale Resort

While Cliffrose Lodge might be best known for our elegant rooms, luxurious amenities, and beautiful grounds, our Springdale resort is still a destination for families of all ages. With these tips, it’s easy to plan a family adventure in Zion National Park that kids and adults alike will enjoy together.

Ready to start planning your next family vacation? Check out our spacious suites and villas to find the perfect room for your stay.

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