5 Advantages of Staying at the Cliffrose Lodge

If you love the experience of sleeping at a hotel as much as we do, then you are probably like us in the sense that you prefer to do a good amount of research about prospective hotels in the area where you are thinking about staying. This is a good practice to adopt and increases the likelihood of having a great vacation. With this in mind, we want to help you out this time because we know that you have been considering a trip to Zion National Park! There are so many great places to stay in Springdale, making your hotel choice not so easy. The hotel owners in Springdale are very dedicated to creating the best possible experience for their guests. If you have never stayed in Zion and it’s surrounding area before, we have a recommendation for you. There’s a hotel called the Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens that we think is the perfect choice for first-time and returning Springdale guests alike. We’d like to explain why. Here are the top 5 benefits of staying at the Cliffrose Lodge.

An intimate and unique atmosphere like no other

Let’s face it. A lot of hotels are basically the same. When you slide your key card into the door of most hotel rooms around the nation, you sort of know what to expect when that door swings open. Furniture, bedding, and amenities that are sure to look pretty much the same as the last hotel you stayed at. Something new is not something you expect, aside from the fact that you’re hoping the bed is comfortable and the showerhead is adequate. At the Cliffrose, don’t expect more of the same because that is not what you are going to get. The decor and style of the rooms are very unique. The lush and well-manicured grounds are unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and the direct riverbed access adds to its appeal. The atmosphere at the Cliffrose is amazing.

200 yards from the entrance of Zion National Park

Is being as near as possible to the park entrance a hot button for you when selecting your hotel? Look no further! The Cliffrose is yards away from the entrance to the park. There’s even a path that leads straight from the hotel to the park, so you can walk straight from your room to the park with no problems at all and with very little effort.

Private balconies or patios with every room

It’s impossible to get a room with a bad view of the Cliffrose. The majesty of Zion is all around, and with each room having a balcony or patio, you won’t be wishing that you were assigned a different room as you probably have at other hotels where you have stayed in the past. You’ll find yourself standing out there looking at the beauty around you for longer periods of time then you thought you would. It’s incredible.

Walking distance to great restaurants, shops, and galleries

When you are staying at the Cliffrose, there is no need to plan ahead to travel to your desired restaurants, shops, and galleries. Most of them are within walking distance of the hotel. The Cliffrose really is one of the best and most desirable locations in Springdale.

Family-owned since 1988

The Dockstader family built the Cliffrose in 1988 and have been running it ever since. You will feel the warmth and affection this family has for their creation when you stay there. They are dedicated and professional people whose main concern are the guests. What they’ve created at the Cliffrose is astounding.


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5 Advantages of Staying at the Cliffrose Lodge

Cliffrose Lodge

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