Park Overview

Zion National Park Information

Zion National Park information is abundant and extensive but here are some of our recommendations and insight.


The park and Springdale are located in the southwest corner of Utah boasts one of the most magnificent natural wonders in the world. Zion National Park is also one of the easiest parks to access only 28 miles from Interstate 15.

The park surrounds the village community of Springdale, Utah on three sides. Additionally, it is 2.5 hours from Las Vegas, 4 hours from Salt Lake City, and 6-7 hours from Southern California. Getting here and exploring are truly easy and convenient.

Touted by seasoned travelers as one of the most “user-friendly” national parks in the country with a rare combination of elevation, wide open and level spaces, spectacular slot canyons, great year-round temperatures, and an expansive river valley.

When To Visit

One of the most commonly asked questions is “When is the best time to visit?”. Well, we would have to say that anytime is great! Winter is a fantastic time to experience the park with fewer visitors and cooler temperatures. Spring is fantastic for watching the canyon foliage awaken and days become longer. Summer is obviously the most popular time and offers long days to experience multiple hikes and the higher elevations. But Fall is probably our favorite with an Indian Summer that lasts deep into November capped off by an autumn color show.

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