3 Reasons a Week Isn’t Too Long at the Cliffrose

3 Reasons a Week Isn’t Too Long at the Cliffrose

When planning long vacations, most people wouldn’t think to stay at the same hotel for an entire week. Splitting up lodging accommodations into more than one location is much more common than remaining at a single hotel. However, we’re here to tell you that at the Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens in Springdale, Ut, you can easily plan a week stay with plenty to do and with no regrets. The Cliffrose is not your run-of-the-mill hotel. It’s lush and intricate gardens gives that away, but one of its goals in its design is to entice and accommodate longer stays. That isn’t to say that staying there for just one night isn’t satisfying because it most certainly is. However, with multiple-day bookings, guests can fully experience and certainly more adequately appreciate what the Cliffrose truly has to offer. The number of features and amenities here fills an exhausting list, suggesting that guests try to plan ahead to stay here for more than one night, even a week if it can be managed. They most certainly will not be let down.

At the Cliffrose, everything you would need to sustain all needs and necessities on an extended vacation is accounted for. Obviously, all of the expected hotel amenities and services exist here – with professionalism and precision, I might add – but a few of things that are unique to the Cliffrose include:

1. Beaches and riverfront activities

Though not an oceanside resort, the Cliffrose is fortunate enough to be a riverside resort. Beautiful white sandy beaches with direct access to the water that provides fun and excitement for guests of all ages. The beach area is dotted with seating arrangements as well as multiple grills and fire pits so visitors can bring the camping experience right to their hotel, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs or chicken and steak only a hop, skip, and a jump from their rooms. What makes these outdoor activities even more special are the towering cliffs of Zion that loom overhead creating one of the most singular environments ever. So remember to bring shovels, pails, and frisbees just as you would to the beach because at the Cliffrose it’s all possible.

2. Proximity to Zion National Park

The Cliffrose is the second closest hotel to the Park’s entrance. There is a paved walkway on the property that leads directly into Zion National Park. So you can easily complete a hike in the morning, comfortably and quickly come back to your hotel room and relax, eat, nap, etc, and then easily go right back into the Park for another hike or adventure. This is definitely one of the main reasons that guests often stay for many nights because of how the location of the Cliffrose creates a lot of saved time.

3. Bistro H, Gardens, and Duel-Hot Tubs

At the Cliffrose, there isn’t just one hot tub. There are two – and both are oversized allowing for way more people to hop in than you’re used to at a traditional hotel. Along with the pristinely decorated primary pool area, the multiple swimming options here are sure to keep you wet more than you normally would expect. Bistro H is a delicious restaurant that calls the Cliffrose home, so whenever you’re feeling hungry you don’t even need to leave to find somewhere to eat if you’re not in the mood to do so. And of course the gardens – the feature alone that has made the Cliffrose a Springdale favorite for decades – is so eye-popping and impressive that it signals return visitors year after year. Trust us when we say that if you can make a week-long vacation to Springdale and Zion Canyon a reality, consider staying at the Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens. You won’t regret it.

Week Stay | Article by the Cliffrose Lodge

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