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Zion is nothing less than magical. From fields of golden grasses to picture-perfect waterfalls to majestic canyons of red, orange, and brown, Zion is a wonderland of rugged desert wildness. Whether on trail or off, walking through Zion takes you places most could never imagine.

The Zion Adventure Company has an amazing array of services, tours, and products to help you make the most out of your world-class hiking adventures in the canyon and the surrounding areas.

Zion Adventure Company Hiking


Bicycles combine the quietude, scenery, and fresh air of hiking with the speed, ease, and thrill of faster motor-powered sports. Whether riding paved roads, single track, or Slickrock, area bike trips harness the power of your hearts and legs to explore the depths of the high desert, providing breathtaking 360-degree views the entire time. Cycling enthusiasts from all over the world have enjoyed Zion’s bike routes for decades, making places like Gooseberry Mesa, the Kolob Terrace Road, and the Zion Canyon Scenic Road famous amongst serious and casual riders alike. Zion Adventure Company bike trips provide you top-of-the-line equipment, full logistical support, and educational, supportive instruction to help you enjoy and explore Zion’s classic bike routes with your partner, friends, or family. So join the Zion Adventure Company for a ride through the red rocks of Zion.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in the areas bordering Zion National Park offers a tremendous variety of terrain, difficulty, and scenery. Beginning riders can choose from a variety of trails with little to no elevation gain, offering small challenges to make rides fun and engaging for both kids and adults. For more experienced bikers, heart-thumping single track rides provide opportunities for amazing scenic passages up, down, and through the raw, wild desert of the area formations. Technically advanced riders often seek the challenging Slickrock obstacles of Gooseberry Mesa, where bikers throughout the country come to test their mettle on problems ranging from highly technical to clinically insane. Whatever your abilities or interests, it is easy to find a great ride or two to excite your appetite for rolling adventures on the thrilling mesas and cliffs of this amazing area.

Tours from the Zion Adventure Company travel on the front- and full-suspension Trek mountain bikes from Freddy’s Zion Cycles in Springdale. All of their bike trips have half- or full-day options… browse the itineraries to find the adventure that best fits your schedule and desires!

If you’re wanting a more self-guided experience you can also rent your bikes direct from Zion Cycles but you will need to use your own transportation, having either 4×4 or all-wheel-drive is recommended for getting to most mountain biking trailheads.

Road Biking

Road biking in Zion is irresistible fun. Low-traffic roadways, reasonable temperatures, and unbelievable 360-degree view scapes make Zion a year-round cycling paradise. Bikes are arguably the best way to see Zion, providing the convenience and speed of car travel without the hassles of parking, traffic, and obstructed views. Choose from either of the Zion Adventure Company biking itineraries: Zion Canyon Scenic Bike & Hike, for the famous sights Zion is known for, or Kolob Terrace Scenic Downhill Ride, where you’ll enjoy a longer cruise through some of the rarely visited, but incredibly dramatic, alpine vistas of our desert wonderland.

Again, if you want a more self-guided experience the great staff at Zion Cycles can set you up with half-day, full-day, and multi-day rental options.

For more information about biking in Zion National Park and surrounding areas please click on the links below or ask any of front desk staff if you have any questions or concerns.

Zion Adventure Company Biking Tours

Overland 4×4 Tours

A small percentage of visitors ever see Zion Canyon from the perspective this tour provides – deep gorges with rock walls a few feet from our hands, dramatic cross-bedded formations, and a summit mesa with 270˚ views of Zion Canyon. We spend 80% of our drive on historic backcountry Jeep roads, visiting the Grafton ghost town, surrounding drainages and mesas, and geologic wonders. Approximately a 2.5-hour round-trip from our store in Springdale.

Your driver is an expert on flora, fauna, human history, geology, and geography, as well as an artful storyteller. The combination of deep information, travel amongst geological wonders, breathtaking landscapes, and our classic 1974 converted Unimog, make this event fun for almost any age. We work with many families, couples, photographers, and international groups as Overland clients.

Driving in the Unimog is an experience of its own, regardless of the terrain. Big, bright yellow, and monstrously outfitted for any terrain. Your viewing deck is mounted 4 feet from the ground and open to the fresh air and views. Each of the 10 passenger seats offers great views. Our drivers offer a generous interpretation which is easy to hear with our custom two-way noise-canceling stereo headset system… No one has to yell or wait for the right time to ask questions; you can talk as you would at the dinner table.

River Tubing on the Virgin River

Perhaps one of Zion Canyon’s most amazing amenities is the Virgin River.  What many would consider a creek or stream is the life force of the desert oasis surrounding it on the valley floor.  This small tributary which eventually feeds into Lake Mead is one of the strongest creators of carving this unbelievable canyon.  So while it is such an important staple of the local environment it is also one of the best summertime adventure spots.  No doubt that relaxing on the sandy beach locations just steps from your room or suite is great fun, but floating in great river tubes with friends, family, or complete strangers is truly enjoyable to way to blend adventure with relaxation.

The Zion Adventure Company has taken a long-standing summertime activity and made it even better with high-quality equipment and a great shuttle service to bring you promptly back at the end of your trip.


Canyoneering refers to travel through or occupation of a steep narrow area requiring the use of a variety of wilderness techniques. It is transforming. It reaches in and brings out the child in all of us as it combines all levels of exploration: hiking, splashing through streams, scrambling over boulders, problem-solving with peers, and rappelling through waterfalls into cold pools.

Canyoneering is the fastest growing sport in Zion National Park, with hundreds of people making their way through the labyrinth of slots the Park offers. Some canyons are easy to descend and require no special skills at all; others require wilderness-level planning and training and offer immense physical and mental challenges. Whatever your state of readiness, there is a canyon in the desert awaiting you.

The Zion Adventure Company is a professional canyoneering organization, invested in helping shape and grow the sport with safe, fun, and effective curricula brought to life by our comprehensive menu of trips and courses.

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