January 21, 2024

A One-Week Itinerary for Zion National Park

One day could never be enough to discover all that Zion National Park has to offer. In fact, one week isn’t enough, either. But a one-week vacation is a common choice for visitors to Southern Utah. That’s one week to not only check out Zion but also to enjoy some of the many other attractions that Springdale and the rest of the region has to offer.

If you’re planning a visit to Cliffrose Lodge, and want to make the most of your time, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled the ultimate one-week itinerary for Zion National Park. Keep reading to learn our top suggestions for how to spend seven days at our Zion resort.

Day One: Arriving at Cliffrose Lodge

Arrival day is finally here! After weeks, months, or even years of planning and looking forward to your trip, it’s finally here!

How far you’ve had to travel and when you arrive will impact how you spend this day. If you arrive early, you might decide to take a drive through Zion to start to get a lay of the land. If you’re getting in sometime in the afternoon or evening, we recommend spending your time at our Zion resort. Take a dip in the pool, soak your feet in the hot tub, and enjoy a delicious dinner at Anthera while taking in the sights. Then, get your rest; you have six days of adventure ahead of you!

Day Two: A Day for Challenging Trails

If you’re planning to take on Zion’s most famous trail, Angels Landing, during your trip, it’s a good idea to do so early in your trip. Your legs aren’t tired from a week of hiking and exploring, and you’ll have more energy to get to the top.

You will need a permit to hike this trail. If you’ve planned your trip at least a few months in advance, you’ll have two chances to get a permit; the Seasonal Lottery and the Day-Before Lottery. If you can’t get a permit for the second day of your trip, don’t fret. If you’re able to get one for another day, you can simply move these daily itineraries around. 

Can’t get a permit during your trip? Or, maybe you want an easier trail or one that’s more family-friendly? There are plenty of other great trails to choose from.

Day Three: Time to Relax

After a day of hiking, it’s time to give yourself a chance to recharge. Today is a day for resting and relaxing and taking in some of the other amenities that our Zion resort and Springdale have to offer.

It’s up to you exactly how you spend this day. An afternoon of self-care at Five Petals Spa is one great idea. Or, spend your afternoon swimming and enjoying the beautiful grounds at Cliffrose Lodge. Then, head out into Springdale to shop for souvenirs and enjoy one of the many local restaurants.

Day Four: Back to the Park

After a day off of your feet, it’s time to head back to the park! Hop on the Springdale Shuttle or walk to the entrance to the park, then climb aboard the Zion Canyon Shuttle for a ride into the Lower Canyon. You can get off at different stops to take pictures, visit the Zion Lodge, and even enjoy a few hikes. Consider packing a lunch or snacks if you want to stay in the park for the day.

If you don’t want to spend the whole day hiking and enjoying the park, hop back on the shuttle to head into Springdale. You can use the Springdale Shuttle to get around and visit the many art galleries and other shops in town. Pick up some special souvenirs, and try a local restaurant, or head back to Cliffrose Lodge to dine at Anthera again.

Day Five: Book a Tour or Visit Kolob Canyons

It’s time to mix things up! Today, consider booking an off-road Jeep tour or an e-bike ride through the park from one of the many local vendors in Springdale. Or, head to Kolob Canyons. This often-overlooked section of the park has some challenging hiking trails, and incredible views, all with fewer crowds than you’ll find in Zion.

Day Six: Take a Day Trip

It’s the last full day of your visit! This day can be used to enjoy any activities or hiking trails that you may have missed during the rest of your trip. 

Alternatively, you can use this day to enjoy one of the many area day trips. Head to a Utah state park, visit the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site, or even visit Bryce Canyon National Park—there are endless options to choose from!

If you prefer a more low-key day of relaxing before the end of your vacation, book yourself into Five Petals Spa for some rest and rejuvenation, then spend your evening relaxing on the patio or balcony of your Zion resort room, enjoying the views.

Day Seven: Making the Most of Your Last Day

Depending on when you have to depart, you can use your last day to go back and enjoy Or, spend your morning sipping coffee from your balcony or patio, and saying goodbye to the peaceful grounds of Cliffrose Lodge.

After check out, explore Springdale and do some shopping, or take one last drive through the Zion-Mt Carmel Tunnel into Zion’s Upper Canyon. Then, spend your drive home talking about what you’ll do during your next visit to Zion!

Planning the Perfect One-Week Itinerary for Zion

One week isn’t enough to see everything that Zion National Park has to offer. But with this one-week itinerary for Zion, you can make the most of your stay, and hit the highlights, while also enjoying some rest and relaxation.

Ready to start planning your next visit to Cliffrose Lodge? Check out our variety of lodging options to choose the perfect one for your family.

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