5 Fantastic Places to Eat Near The Cliffrose Lodge

Top 5 Springdale Restaurants Near The Cliffrose Lodge

Without a doubt, one of the absolute best things about a vacation is the food! Even if it’s not particularly exceptional or world-renown, the simple act of eating at local restaurants outside the comfort of your hometown area is always exciting. But then there are those really special times when you are on a trip and you eat out at some random joint and it turns out to be the best fish tacos you’ve ever had in your entire life. At one of these Springdale Restaurants, you can have an experience like that.

Great Springdale Restaurants

Well, when you’re staying at the Cliffrose Lodge in Springdale, UT, there is a very good chance that you will have one of these experiences. The restaurant circuit here is flat-out exceptional and surprises thousands of visitors each and every year with how darn good the food is. There are dozens and dozens of places to eat in Springdale and a lengthy list could easily be made that brags about each one, but for the sake of this article, we’re going to settle in on 5 in particular. These 5 places have been around for some time and get tens of thousands of repeat customers all year round because of the quality food, memorable environments, and did I mention the quality food?


Like many of the restaurants on this list, Oscar’s is family-owned and has been for years, making a name for itself chiefly because of its delicious food. Oscar’s has a very large menu with a ton of choices but somehow hits it out of the park with everything they serve, from Mexican food and burgers to French toast and breakfast burritos. A fun and inviting indoor-outdoor setting contribute to Oscar’s appeal as well.

Cafe Soleil

This place essentially shares a parking lot with the Cliffrose. Early risers tend to love Cafe Soleil and often come here first thing before hitting the park. This place has a largely organic and healthy menu alongside soup and salad fare with paninis, pizza, and other sandwiches. Coffee and espressos are a specialty here, as well as a good amount of vegetarian and vegan options. Cafe Soleil has an incredibly welcoming and laid back atmosphere. Bring your laptop if you’ve got a bit of work to do.

Spotted Dog Cafe

The famous Flanigan’s Inn at Zion Canyon is home to the Spotted Dog Cafe, a dining establishment that is a bit on the formal side, but still inviting enough that no one needs to feel out of place in their casual clothes. If you are a pasta person, you must come here. They also have delicious lite bistro choices as well as an assortment of specialty salads and soups, among many other things. Everything is made in-house, including the desserts which will blow your mind. Also, they have an astronomically huge wine list here so if that’s your thing, this is where you should be.

Switchback Grille

Got a hankering for a nice, juicy Rib-Eye? If steak is constantly on the menu for you, then Switchback Grille will be one of your favorite spots in Springdale. New York Strip, Filet Mignon, you name it; it’s as good as it could possibly get here. They are also known for their seafood choices as well as their awesome appetizers.

Bit & Spur Restaurant & Saloon

This is a restaurant that has really done a great job at standing out from others in its category. Mingling the roadhouse with the cantina, guests can order their favorite Mexican dish or their favorite cut of steak and then play pool afterward. They’ve created an eye-popping environment that will have you looking at the decorations on all of the walls in real interest.


When you stay at the Cliffrose Lodge, when it comes to Springdale Restaurants, you certainly have no shortage of delicious restaurants within a very short distance. We know you’ll enjoy all of them.

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