3 reasons why one zion park hotel will give you goose bumps

Ahh, those rare moments when something extraordinary gives you goosebumps, and the hairs on the back of neck stand on end.  It takes something inspiring and well, wonderful, to do that. It could be a rousing speech, beautiful music, or a gorgeous scene of nature.  To increase your chances of goose-bumping, there is one vacation and hotel near Zion National Park that is capable of bringing you to that moment of spiritual appreciation and wonder.  Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens does just that on a regular basis. A vacation to this Zion Park hotel should do the trick for eight reasons.

1. The views.  If you haven’t seen the incredible vistas surrounding Cliffrose Lodge and in Zion Canyon, it needs to be on your bucket list.  In fact, outside virtually any Zion Park hotel, you can see the cliffs and canyons of rust-colored sandstone, which inspired the Paiute Indians in the 19th Century to name the region Mukuntuweap, meaning “straight canyon”; however, Zion is anything but straight or predictable.  Following the path of the Virgin River, Zion Park winds around magnificent rock formations which dwarf you into humility. Four million tourists each year gaze in awe at this creation, and many feel the coveted goosebumps.  Zion Canyon is filled with flowers of all the rainbow colors, grassy areas for picnicking, and hiking trails to test your mettle. The hikes range from short and mild to moderate to long and strenuous. A bevy of wildlife, from squirrels to cougars, is seen in Zion Canyon.  If you’re into photography, you’ll definitely set yourself up for some moments of goosebumps, especially while focusing on a pair of mountain bighorn sheep cavorting on a steep slope.

 2. Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens is one Zion Park hotel that is a treasure for both residents and visitors alike.  Comfortable and classy, it is ideal for relaxing and experiencing moments that rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.  Its construction is rustic, yet classy. Entering its lobby makes you feel like a rich cowboy. It’s beautifully designed with colorful décor, staying true to the Southwestern motif, including artifacts from Native American Tribes.  The rooms blend gorgeous, aged woodwork with wall hangings of artistic flowers. Modern beds and other furnishings make the suites indulgent and delightful beyond expectations. Entering the rooms just brings you closer to goose-bump heaven.  Outside the Cliffrose, you can relax in a waterfall hot tub, the nice pool, or even sit back in the hot tub at the river’s bank. The sounds of moving river water (and possibly a few crickets), while you relax in the hot tub on a starry night, is a sure bet for goose-bumps nirvana.

 3. Springdale, Utah, which hosts the Cliffrose Lodge and the Zion sightseers, is home to several fantastic gift shops and restaurants.  Outside each Zion Park hotel, you’ll find shops filled with exquisite artwork that is goose-bumps worthy.  Be sure to take the time to browse the gift shops for both local artistry and imported elegance.  Authentic work of local Native Americans is displayed, along with wood, glass, and metal sculptures.  One gift shop specializes in stunning photography of the Southwest, which will add beauty to any home.  The typical souvenir items are available, too.



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