4 Best Hikes in Zion National Park

Zion National Park Hikes: Our 4 Favorite

There just isn’t a better place to go hiking than Zion National Park. From beginner to very advanced, the vast assortment of hikes to choose from will please and suit any visitor no matter what their experience or background. There are dozens upon dozens of Zion National Park hikes to select from while you’re here, but we’ve made a list of our 4 favorites. This list is obviously subjective so we understand that someone else’s list may be completely different from ours. But nevertheless, here are our 4 best hikes in Zion National Park:

The Narrows

This hike, along with all 3 others on this list, would certainly be considered popular ones. The Narrows is a one-of-a-kind experience where hikers wade through water anywhere from ankle deep in some areas to waist deep in others. Get your water shoes and a walking stick and prepare to take a mostly level watery saunter through a spectacular slot canyon that is as beautiful as anything you have ever seen. Oh, make sure to get to The Narrows starting point via Riverside Walk. That will add immensely to your whole experience. And remember that this hike can go as long as 17 miles, but you can simply walk as far as you want and then turn back whenever you want.

Angels Landing

This one really might be the most popular of all Zion National Park hikes. It definitely is the most famous. Angels Landing boasts one of the most incredible views of all time. It’s somewhat strenuous, but making it to the summit and looking out onto the natural beauty of Zion National Park will be a moment that you’ll never forget. There are many exposed portions on this trail and it is very high. Use discretion when deciding who to bring along with you, especially considering the little ones. Any party members who are afraid of heights may want to reconsider as well. Otherwise, this will be a guaranteed highlight of your Zion trip. This Zion National Park hike proudly deserves to be on this list. It’s iconic.

Emerald Pools

A low-exertion classic, Emerald Pools has three levels: lower, middle, and upper. Make sure to find out if any of the areas are closed for any reason because every so often, certain portions are off limits due to recent inclement weather and such, but most of the time you should have your pick. Young and old will love this hike. It’s not too strenuous and is surprisingly gorgeous. You’ll get some great views and pictures, which will be the case with any hike you go on. You’ll see why it’s called Emerald Pools, but we won’t spoil it for you here.

Taylor Creek

Located in the middle fork area in the Kolob section, this takes you to an alternate part of Zion National Park that many people fail to go which makes it a bit more adventurous. There’s also more animal sightings here and it’s significantly more lush with trees and other greenery than the main section of the Park. Also, this hike provides natural shade almost the entire length of the trail and gives you a chance to gaze at some amazing scenery. Leave the crowds behind and come here.


We hope you’ll consider our suggestions when you’re planning your Springdale, UT vacation and staying at the Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens. These hikes are a sure-fire way to have a great time and create wonderful memories for everyone in your group, no matter how big or small. Visit ZionNationalPark.com for more detailed information on the hikes mentioned here.

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