A Springdale Vacation Can Rescue Kids From The Dangers Of Today

A Springdale Vacation Can Rescue Kids From The Dangers Of Today

Keeping kids “off the streets” and in the classrooms is a big challenge, to say the least.  Parents struggle through sleepless nights of worries and regrets over what they did wrong or if they should use “tough love” and send the kid to a troubled-youth program in a far-away location.  Bad friends, acting out, and experimenting with drugs are realities of adolescence, whether in big cities, smaller towns, or suburbs. This article proposes that spending a couple of days on a Springdale vacation, utilizing the activities and grandeur of Zion National Park is a great way to instill gratitude, respect, and appreciation for what parents do for their children and encourages them to take responsibility for their actions.

Youth groups and public organizations have nobly changed lives:  Boy Scouts of America, Brownies, Boys and Girls Clubs, Churches. They are making a difference, but they are not always the solution and not always available.  Parents must do more to enhance self-esteem and mend the broken self-images among their brood? Completing a strenuous hike that features stunning vistas with a parent can bond parent and child closer than ever before and decrease the likelihood of the kid’s acting out in negative ways.

Break The Norm

Go to work, come home and eat, watch TV, and sleep.  For most Americans, that’s it. No quality time with kids, no doing homework, no evening at a fun, educational activity.  Yes, it could be worse, but it also could be much better. It’s no wonder that kids feel disconnected from their parents and live in quiet desperation to feel needed and appreciated.  Of course, they turn to rebellious friends to get their “highs” and sense of belonging.

In one episode of Seinfeld, George complained that his life was a waste.  With Jerry’s prodding, George decided that because his past choices didn’t get him anywhere, he logically must start doing the opposite of his normal inclinations.  After doing the opposite of his customary behaviors, he saw remarkable, positive changes in his life. If the reason you decide to take a Springdale vacation is to copy George’s example, great!  The why doesn’t really matter; just do it.  It can change the heart and mind of a child.  Besides Zion, enjoy Springdale, too, with its delicious restaurants, classy hotels, and cool gift shops.  Stay in any of the one-of-a-kind hotels in Springdale, like the Cliffrose. It’s a treasure.

Activities For Your Springdale Vacation

  1. Become an amateur photographer.  Zion National Park offers a free hands-on workshop on photography.  Kids learn how to take good photos and see the majestic scenery through the eyes of a photographer.
  2. Zion National Park features stargazing programs to highlight constellations not visible near cities.  Zion is a great place to see faraway planets with telescopes and learn the names of constellations in the dark night sky.
  3. Become a Junior Smokejumper.  Near Zion National Park, you can handle firefighting equipment and learn what it takes to fight wildfires.
  4. Bryce Canyon, just 90 minutes’ drive from Springdale, Utah features hikes, guided by rangers, under moonlit skies.  It’s beautiful, and you might spy some nocturnal wildlife.
  5. Ride horseback through wilderness trails in and around Zion.
  6. One of the great things for your kid is to complete a Junior Ranger program.  The Junior Rangers learn what real Rangers do, fill out a fun nature workbook, and go on educational hikes with the Rangers.  Upon graduation, the kids receive their own badges and take the Ranger Oath.

Track a critter.  Learn how to spot signs of wildlife, such as scat, foot tracks, broken twigs, hair on branches, and other clues.  This could be a highlight of their Springdale vacation.


A Springdale Vacation Can Rescue Kids From The Dangers Of Today

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