Flowers You May See at The Cliffrose Lodge

Flowers You May See at The Cliffrose Lodge

For those of you who are less frequent followers, our last post was about wildlife that you’ll likely see when you stay at our beautiful hotel. This week we are continuing with the various forms of life found here, but this time we’re talking about plant life; flowers in particular. Some of you have come to stay at your Zion National Park hotel during the Fall and Spring months and see the unbelievable beauty of the leaves changing colors all throughout Springdale and through the Park.

Tourism sites over the years have usually complemented Zion’s famous tree population and its various colors (which is well deserved), but the immense number of flower species here cannot be underestimated. In the springtime, you will be completely floored by the floral beauty in this area. Especially at the Cliffrose Lodge where we specialize in our on-site floral placements and arrangements by way of our notorious gardens, flowers are a very important part of who we are. Let us give you a rundown of the kinds of flowers you can expect to see when you come and stay with us. We’ve included actual photos taken in and around our gardens to give you a visual tour of what you can expect to see.

We have an extensive supply of roses that grow right here on our grounds. Many different species of roses can be found really anywhere you look. We know this a mainstream favorite as far as flowers are concerned, so we made sure to include them in abundance. You will see some of the most incredible roses you’ve ever seen here at the Cliffrose. A large amount of what could be called common flowers are found at the Cliffrose. However, we try our very best to elevate even common flowers to an above average status. Daisies, lilies, and honeysuckles, for example, are here in an impressive array of colors and species. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed, even if you are an experienced flower person.

One of the proudest aspects of our gardens is our annuals of which we have a very wide array. These native and perennial flowers blossom every single year and are treated with meticulous care just like everything else at the Cliffrose. These are the ones that you may not see when you go back to your home state, so we take pride in them.

Some of the other species you’ll find include iris, fountain and maiden grass, cannas, marigolds, flowering shrubs, yuccas, blossoming fruit trees, flowering desert willows, and chitalpa trees. Springdale is a unique place geographically. Because of its location, it is an amalgamation of both desert and forest ecosystems which allow for an uncommon mixture of flowers and trees to coexist together. The towering red rock peaks and lush green forest set side by side already create awe-inspiring visual contrast. This certainly carries over to the vegetation which you can easily see.

At the Cliffrose, our full-time professional gardening staff works with painstaking precision to make sure that our gardens are unmatched in beauty and presentation, certainly in Springdale and assuredly beyond as well. When we see strikingly beautiful flowers it often takes us back, at least momentarily, because many of us habitually overlook them in our daily lives because we are used to seeing them everywhere. The Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens will remind you of the effects that flowers, plants, and trees can have. Make us a part of your next vacation by choosing us as your next beautiful hotel to stay at.

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Article provided by the Cliffrose Lodge

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