Choose the Cliffrose Lodge: Top 3 Reasons Why

Choose the Cliffrose Lodge: Top 3 Reasons Why

choose the cliffrose lodge

There are a whole lot of Zion National Park hotels and resorts to choose from when planning your vacation to Springdale and Zion Canyon, and we’ll be the first to admit that the majority of them are outstanding in their own right. It’s difficult to go wrong with lodging in Springdale. However, we want to give you a few reasons why picking the Cliffrose Lodge would be a very wise choice. There are a lot more than three reasons that we could list, but for this particular article we are going to narrow it down to three that we feel are are the most common. So here are the top 3 reasons people stay at the Cliffrose Lodge.

1- It’s located in Springdale and just steps away from the entrance of Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a household name in America and abroad as one of the most beautiful places on planet Earth. But what many people don’t know is that the city where Zion resides actually has a name, and that name is Springdale, UT. Springdale is a literal paradise that stands it’s own ground as a prime vacation location even aside from Zion National Park, but the two, of course, go hand in hand. It’s also very much a destination location with high-quality hotels and resorts, absolutely amazing restaurants, and breathtaking natural wonders surrounding it. There isn’t a spot in Springdale where you couldn’t stand still and look around at some of the most incredible things your eyes have ever beheld. The Cliffrose Lodge is of course in Springdale and is one of the closest of all the Zion National Park hotels to the entrance of the Park. If you’re planning a trip to Zion, you won’t regret booking your room at the Cliffrose. Everyone in your party will be thanking you for how choosing a place that is so close to everything.

2- The boutique setting with 52 rooms, suites, and villas, surrounded by manicured gardens

The Cliffrose Lodge is incredible for a variety of reasons, and one of those reasons that tend to stand out are the famous manicured gardens. You won’t see anything like it at any other Zion National park hotel in Springdale. As you’re driving through the town you’ll be thinking “there is no way this place could be any more beautiful”. Then you will arrive at the Cliffrose, check in inside the lobby, and walk out the rear door that leads to the rooms and gardens and then you’ll suddenly realize that it could, in fact, be more beautiful. Set against a backdrop of majestic red cliffs, the gardens at the Cliffrose will leave you in awe without a doubt. Add to that 52 rooms, suites, and villas so cozy you’ll never want to leave and you’ve got yourself quite possibly your new favorite home away from home. And to think, all this was possible because you did indeed choose the Cliffrose Lodge.

3- The wide array of different room types from 2 guests up to 10

Those 52 rooms, suites, and villas we mentioned above come in all shapes and sizes at the Cliffrose. Whether you are coming to Springdale and Zion Canyon with just your spouse, or a few friends, or a group of co-workers, or the whole extended family for a reunion, there is a particular room to meet everyone’s individual needs.


Well, there you have it. As we said above, there are a lot more than three reasons and it’s likely that we’ll get to mention all of those other reasons in future posts, but needless to say, staying at the Cliffrose Lodge in Springdale, UT is an unforgettable experience. We think that it’s very likely you’ll choose it as your Zion National Park hotel again and again.

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