Cliffrose Lodge: The Perfect Place For Your Company Retreat

Cliffrose Lodge: The Perfect Place For Your Company Retreat

Ah, the beloved or the dreaded company retreat. In order for it to really serve its intended purpose – let’s be honest – it has to be very well planned. Many of us have been part of a few company retreats with various businesses that we’ve worked for over the years and the truth is that though all are in some way memorable (that’s not always a good thing). But there is likely that one that we really enjoyed. The ones where the company really strove to plan something fun and memorable while at the same time creating an environment that built camaraderie are the ones we remember. A lot of the success of these particular retreats have to do with the literal environment where it was held. The Cliffrose Lodge in Springdale is about as perfect a place as can be imagined to hold a company retreat. It hits all the buttons that would contribute to a successful corporate getaway. Here are 4 of the main points.

It’s close to the Park

Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world is every year sees more and visitors. There are a lot of hotels in Springdale, UT (where Zion resides) but the Cliffrose is one of the two closest hotels to the Park’s entrance. There’s actually a walkway that connects Zion’s main plaza with the Cliffrose Lodge itself, so you don’t even need a vehicle to get to the Park’s entrance when staying at the Cliffrose. Your work group will basically as close as you can get to pure adventure and to the activities that you will have planned in the Park.

Amazing conference room

Every company retreat has meetings; training meetings, board meetings, planning meetings, etc, so naturally you would want to plan on staying somewhere with a conference facility of some kind. The Cliffrose has just that. A complimentary, easy to use projector is included as well as tables, seating, adjoining restrooms, and a desktop computer for guests to use. Its location is in a central location on the property. It’s a wonderful secluded space perfect for any meetings that you plan.

Bistro H, gift shop, and breakfast

Hot, ready-made breakfast can be ordered right from the comfort of your own room and delivered directly to you. Your co-workers and employees will love the convenience factor associated with breakfast at the Cliffrose. Also, Cafe Soleil is located right next door and they have wonderful breakfast (lunch and dinner as well), coffee, smoothies, the works if you decide you want to go there instead. And of course, Bistro H which is located on site and serves food and drinks of various kinds including beer and wine. Your food options at the Cliffrose are plentiful, making all members of your group happy and fed whenever they please.

Catering and restaurant options

In addition to Cafe Soleil next door, there are many, many restaurants, diners, and coffee shops located within short walking distances from the hotel. Springdale has in- credible food and coffee. The people in your party will most definitely be posting a lot of pictures of their food and drinks to their social media accounts during the retreat. Many of these establishments cater as well and you’re more than welcome to cater directly on the premises at the Cliffrose if you so desire.


The Cliffrose is waiting for you to call and book your next corporate event. It’s the perfect place for it. It checks off all the items on your list of needs and desires for where to have the retreat. See you soon!

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The Perfect Place For Your Company Retreat

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