Explore Zion on Your Honeymoon

Explore Zion on Your Honeymoon

I remember attending a wedding party for a good friend back in the 90s.  We chatted a moment, then he said that next week he was taking a trip to Southern Utah.  I asked what was taking him to Southern Utah. He answered, “They call it a Honeymoon.” “Oh, yes, of course,” I said.  To explore Zion, I thought, would make a great Honeymoon, especially if the married couple enjoys the outdoors, amazing views, and hiking.  This article presents some great things to do, places to stay, and sights to see on a Zion Honeymoon.

Things to do on Your Zion Honeymoon

For the active couple, Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort features plenty of fun activities to explore Zion: horseback riding, zip-lining, Jeep touring, mini-golfing, swimming, rappelling, shotgun shooting, paint-balling, hiking, etc.  The Ponderosa Ranch lies about 40 miles north of Zion National Park amid mountains of pines and aspens. A restaurant and cowboy cabins make the ranch tasty and authentically comfortable.

Zion National Park is the third most-visited national park in America, and for good reason.  The rock formations are other-worldly, colors exquisite, and vistas magnificent. To explore Zion, there are a plethora of trails which provide both exercise and amazing views, and some even add some fear for the thrill seekers.  For example, the most iconic hike at Zion is Angels Landing. Five miles round trip takes you to a narrow ridge that looks downward to death, below.  Hold onto the chain railing to keep from becoming vulture scraps, and enjoy the majestic beauty from the Landing. Easier hikes are to the Emerald Pools—one to three miles round trip.  The trails lead to colorful plant life, glistening pools of water and waterfalls to refresh you on a hot day.

Enjoy award-winning food at the many restaurants in Springdale, Utah.  Some recipes are traditional, local favorites; while others are brought in by out-of-state chefs.  Springdale restaurants offer American, Mexican, Italian, bistro, gourmet coffee, and even some fast food.

Places to Stay on Your Zion Honeymoon

Staying in Springdale is a convenient way to explore Zion because Springdale stands just outside the entrance to Zion and is home to several classy hotels to suit your fancy.  Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens borders the Park and the Virgin River; it is among the most popular hotels in Southern Utah, earning 3.5-stars from US News and World Report’s Travel Division.  Cliffrose has rustic, yet elegant furnishings, great views from the rooms and balconies, a restaurant, lounge, complimentary computer stations and high-speed wireless internet, a battery charging station for the “green” cars, and designated smoking areas.  Cliffrose also features a heated pool and outdoor spas and hot tubs. A free shuttle transports guests to and from the Park throughout the day.

Red Rock Bed and Breakfast Cottages are charming and fitting for a Honeymoon to Zion.  Pioneer Lodge is comfortable and convenient. A 2.5-star hotel, the Pioneer features free wife, computer, the shuttle, and it is a non-smoking facility.

Sights to See on Your Zion Honeymoon

Spectacular vistas are ubiquitous in and around Zion Canyon.  When you explore Zion, you’ll see red cliffs, huge rock formations, waterfalls, colorful flora, and the occasional mountain sheep to make your Honeymoon memorable.  Take a camera.

If you drive 90 minutes north of Zion, you can see the Hoodoos of Bryce National Park. Hoodoos are reddish statues, sculpted by wind and water over thousands of years. They look like guards, watching over the valleys and cliffs of Bryce.

Explore Zion on Your Honeymoon

Explore Zion on Your Honeymoon

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