River Tubing

River Tubing


Perhaps one of Zion Canyon’s most amazing amenities is the Virgin River.  What many would consider a creek or stream is the life force of the desert oasis surrounding it on the valley floor.  This small tributary which eventually feeds into Lake Mead is one of the strongest creators of carving this unbelievable canyon.  So while it is such an important staple of the local environment it is also one of the best summertime adventure spots.  No doubt that relaxing on the sandy beach locations just steps from your room or suite is great fun, but floating in great river tubes with friends, family, or complete strangers is truly enjoyable to way to blend adventure with relaxation.

Zion Outfitter and The Zion Adventure Company have taken a long-standing summertime activity and made it even better with high-quality equipment and a great shuttle service to bring you promptly back at the end of your trip.  For more information on river tubing please click on the links below or feel free to ask any of our front desk staff about any questions you may have.

Zion Outfitter River Tubing

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