Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park


Located Northeast of Zion National Park approximately 84 miles and a 1.5 hour drive this spectacular national park features natural amphitheaters composed of a unique multicolored formation known as “hoodoos”.  While Bryce is just a short distance from Zion it is nearly twice as high in elevation with scenic turnouts at and above 8000 feet!

Temperatures can vary between the two parks as much as 30+ degrees so make sure to call ahead or check the extended forecasts to pack appropriately. Because Bryce Canyon is best viewed from the many scenic turnouts it is possible to see almost all of the park in just a few short hours.

If you are acclimated to hiking at high elevations there are many trails that wind above the rim and down into these magical formations and there are also seasonally available horseback rides through some of these areas as well. For more information on Bryce please download the park map below or visit the official Bryce Canyon National Park Homepage.

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