Top 5 Benefits of Staying at the Cliffrose Lodge

Top 5 Benefits of Staying at the Cliffrose Lodge

As far as Zion National Park hotels are concerned, Springdale, UT has a good amount of options to choose from – and most of them have more upsides than down. Whatever your specific criteria are for selecting a place to stay on your upcoming trip to Zion National Park, we have a feeling that there is one hotel in particular that will likely meet all of your criteria, and then some. That hotel is the Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens. The rest of this article will explain why we feel staying at the Cliffrose Lodge is a good idea. We cover 5 benefits of staying at the Cliffrose Lodge, benefits that very well may make the Cliffrose your annual Springdale home.

An intimate and unique atmosphere like no other

At the Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens, you will not experience a stereotypical hotel stay. The many sights and smells along with the basic amenities that you are probably used to seeing at a Holiday Inn, La Quinta, or other chain hotel are not going to be part of your experience here. Also, here are some additional things to consider when planning your next hotel stay. As far as Zion National Park hotels are concerned, the Cliffrose brews up a wholly unique atmosphere that we would bet you have never experienced before, and it does this in large part because of it’s lush, manicured gardens that fill the grounds. Intimate and romantic while at the same time family-friendly and full of activity if you want it to be, the Cliffrose is able to customize every guest’s case without making a concerted effort; the very nature and existence of the lodge are so singular that every guest is sure to gain their own tailor-made experience.

200 yards from the entrance of Zion National Park

For many potential Springdale visitors, this is the main attractor of the Cliffrose over many other Zion National Park hotels. Being one of the closest hotels to the Park’s entrance (there’s a short paved path on the Cliffrose grounds that leads straight into the Park) makes the Cliffrose not only a desirable choice for lodging but a logical and practical one as well. This benefit brings patrons back again and again, year after year.

Private balconies or patios with every room

As stated above, staying at the Cliffrose is not a typical hotel experience. One of the reasons for this is a favorite feature of many guests. Each and every room on the premises has its own private balcony and/or patio. This may not seem like a particularly unique hotel room feature, but when you walk out onto that balcony you will know why it is such a big deal. There literally isn’t a single view from any of the rooms that aren’t grandly spectacular. The red rock cliffs of Zion surround on all sides and serve as a some of the most incredible visuals you will ever see. You may find yourself spending much more time out on the balcony than you expected to.

Walking distance to great restaurants, shops, and galleries

We already mentioned the benefit of the Cliffrose’s close proximity to the entrance of Zion National Park, but it’s also important to note how close the hotel is other great Springdale establishments. Walking mere yards in either direction will take you to some of the most delicious restaurants, unique shops and stores, and beautiful art galleries that you’ve ever been to. This is one of this Zion National Park hotel’s best features.

Family owned since 1988

And finally, the Cliffrose has been family owned and operated by the Dockstader family since 1988. Their love and care for their establishment are truly unmatched. They somehow are always thinking of innovating ways to make an even more memorable stay for new and returning guests, whether by further improving the grounds in some fashion or designing a new style of their rooms, to say the Dockstaders are devoted would be an understatement. You’ll feel that dedication during your stay there. Consider staying at the Cliffrose Lodge when choosing your Zion National Park hotel. You won’t ever regret that decision.

staying at the cliffrose lodge

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