Hotel Reservation: Things to Consider Before Booking Your Room

Hotel Reservation: Things to Consider Before Booking Your Room


There are so many ways to go about solidifying your hotel reservation for an upcoming vacation. Endless amounts of websites, recommendations from friends and family, and other information outlets that vie for your attention and your money. Let us recommend certain things that you need to consider before booking your room:


Before you start plugging information into search boxes online, there are certain pieces of information that need to be made clear first. Based on your itinerary (or intended itinerary), are you going to need to stay somewhere close to a particular landmark or physical address? Are you primarily going to be driving a car or walking on foot? These are things that you need to know beforehand.


Another thing you need to know before looking at and considering your specific hotels’ reservation is the amount of time that you predict will be spent in the hotel itself. Are you going to be gone all day, returning to the hotel only to sleep and then wake up early again the next morning only to leave the establishment once again? Or are you planning on spending a lot of time at the hotel, such as at the swimming pool, gym, or other areas? This is important to figure out because you will likely need a bigger space if you are planning on spending a good amount of time at the hotel. If not, then a smaller (and probably more inexpensive) hotel room will be fine.


Who’s traveling with you? Are you bringing children? Elderly folks? A pet? Who will be vacationing with you will determine a number of sleeping arrangements that you’ll actually need, specifically how many beds you’ll need. Will you need a rollaway crib? Some hotels don’t offer those so that will affect your hotel reservation in the end.


Not every hotel provides things like free parking or free continental breakfast. Not every hotel has a hot tub or an exercise room or a mini fridge. Not every hotel has HBO. What amenities are important to you and others in your group? You certainly don’t want to arrive and get settled in a hotel and then realize that they don’t have a hot tub when sitting and relaxing in a hot tub was the thing you were looking forward to more than anything. If you are trying to pinch as many pennies as possible, you’ll probably want to book your hotel reservation at a place that has free breakfast so you don’t have to go out for breakfast.

Hotel size

Just because a hotel is smaller in size does not necessarily mean that it has fewer amenities than a larger one. But then again, in some areas, it just might. It’s important to be aware of what your preference is here. Are you looking for a bed and breakfast-type place, a ski resort, a hotel/casino hybrid, for example? These types of decisions should be made before making your hotel reservation. Remember that large hotels in certain areas often have resort fees which sometimes catch you off guard when you get your bill. The number of people in your party should also have an influence on the size of the hotel you pick.

Cancellation policy

Is the nature of your trip such that there’s a relatively strong possibility that plans could be canceled last minute? If so, you may want to double check the cancellation policies of any place that your thinking of for your hotel reservation. Some hotels allow cancellation as soon as 24 hours in advance where others allow 3 or more days.

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→ Hotel Reservation: Things to Consider Before Booking Your Room
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