What Hotel Amenities Do Travelers Most Value? Survey Says…

What Hotel Amenities Do Travelers Most Value? Survey Says…

Five years ago, Hotels.com conducted an extensive survey (link to source article below) to find out which hotel amenities were considered the most valuable by travelers. Tens of thousands of responses were collected, and these were the results. We imagine that more than likely, if a similar survey were given today in 2018, the results would be near identical given that the results here did not surprise us at all, even considering hotels in Zion National Park.

The number one most valuable hotel amenity, according to the survey, was free Wi-Fi. Free breakfast was a semi-close second, but overall free Wi-Fi led the pack by a long shot. All other amenities were about equal in the poll. Wi-Fi topped not only free breakfast but also free parking. In fact, almost 35% of the survey participants said that complimentary Wi-Fi was the main factor in going with the particular hotels that they ended up deciding on overall. But for business trips, almost 60% said that it is ultimately the main deciding factor on hotel choice. Less than 15% said that they are fine paying for Wi-Fi while traveling. And just in case you were wondering, Wi-Fi is free at the Cliffrose and we’re pretty sure that’s the case for all hotels in Zion National Park. The results of this survey truly show how important (and even essential) technology is becoming, even in the travel industry. Travelers care more about the ability to “stay connected” than anything else. And this survey was conducted fie years ago. I think we can safely assume that this is even more the case in 2018 as technology continues to become more and more ubiquitous.

Hotels.com said that they conducted the same survey in 2012, the year before the above mentioned survey, and in only one year – from 2012 to 2013 – the number of people who said free Wi-Fi was the most important hotel amenity to them doubled! And speaking of technology in hotel rooms and in hotels in Zion National Park, most of the other “most valuable” amenities were technology-related as well. For example, just under 25% of survey participants said that a premium coffee maker was the most important amenity to them. However, when asked which simple amenity they valued most, survey results showed free bottled water in the rooms at the top spot. This is more customary outside of the United States, as is the amenity of complimentary power adaptors which came in right behind bottled water as the favorite simple amenity (another technology item).

In a question asking which amenity was the favorite that wasn’t tech-related, the top response was complimentary breakfast at over 30%, followed complimentary spirits acquired during wine tastings or scheduled happy hours (or really any other form of free drinks) was next on the list. The two home amenities that travelers miss the most while traveling (and staying at hotels in Zion National Park) are unlimited access to food and the convenience of preparing meals in a kitchen. It seems that food is perpetually on the mind of most travelers considering the fact that food-related responses made up most of the answers to a question asking what new or modern hotel amenities were their favorite. The number one answer was on-the-go breakfast followed by the presence of a refrigerator of some sort in the room.

The Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens offers many of the amenities listed here in addition to some unique ones that you’ll find only when staying with us.

Link to summary of Hotels.com survey

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What Hotel Amenities Do Travelers Most Value? Survey Says…

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