Why So Many Hotels Are Going Up in Southern Utah

Why So Many Hotels Are Going Up in Southern Utah

Hey Southern Utah residents! Have you noticed how many new hotels near Springdale UT are being built? There are a lot of new lodging establishments under construction right now and many others that have just recently been completed. That’s because at this very moment, Southwest Utah is officially experiencing a boom; a hotel building boom. Tourism is at a record high for this part of the world which is driving up the demand for places to stay to accommodate the increasing number of visitors every year. Not only that, but there’s evidence of some bottled-in demand as a result of the recession a decade ago that’s adding kindle to the hotel boom fire.

In 2017 alone, just under 1,000 new hotel rooms were constructed and became available in the St. George area. And that’s not all. As of August 2017, there are still ten hotels that have either broken ground or are already well into the construction process in Washington and Iron Counties together. Oh, there’s more. Already in 2018, seven more hotels – aside from everything we just mentioned – are planned to break ground during the year in Washington County alone! Just to bring all of this into perspective, more hotels were built in these two counties in 2017 than in the entirety of the last ten years. That’s a lot of hospitality. Hotels near Springdale UT are on the rise.

It’s no secret that tourism is the major reason for all of this. As you can probably guess, Zion National Park saw roughly 4.5 million visitors in 2017 – a record. And that’s just one destination location of many in Southern Utah, almost all of which see more and more visitors each year. In fact, of all the counties in the entire state of Utah, Washington County has seen the most consistent and substantial growth since 2008, the year of our country’s most recent economic recession. And there are no signs of letting up. If data continues to follow the trend, 2018 is going to be even bigger, and so on. You’ve probably heard in the national news in the last couple of years that St. George is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. That’s true. Have you heard that where job growth is concerned, it ranks second of all the nation’s cities? Also true. We mention these because they are also contributing reasons why so many hotels near Springdale UT have been and are being built. A population that is growing this fast means more businesses and more jobs that begin to surface. DSU is growing as well, attracting more students and steadily making more jobs available. All the construction and additions to the Dixie Regional Medical Center has also played a role in the rapid growth of Southern Utah. All these things working in tandem with each other – including many other factors not mentioned – continue to result in a general blossoming of the area.

It’s also worth mentioning that statistics show that the general public’s attention and interest in outdoor recreation and tourism are increasing significantly in the last decade. With Southern Utah being one of the absolute best places in the world for outdoor adventures, it shouldn’t be any wonder that the tourism and hospitality industries are thriving here. With the combined powers of Zion, Sand Hollow, Snow Canyon, Tuacahn, the Utah Shakespeare Festival, the various annual commercial and sporting events, and more, Southern Utah is a great place to be if you have an interest in any of the topics we’ve covered here.

Looks like the word has finally gotten out about Southern Utah – or rather, it got out awhile ago and we’re now seeing the results. Hotels near Springdale UT are popping up like daisies. What an exciting time to live in or visit this area!

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Why So Many Hotels Are Going Up in Southern Utah

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