Don’t Make These Mistakes When Booking a Hotel Room – Part 2

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Booking a Hotel Room – Part 2

This article is a continuation of the hotels near Zion Utah post Don’t Make These Mistakes When Booking a Hotel Room – Part 1.

Always use a credit card

Credit cards are essential to travel not just because of convenience but because of all the benefits associated with them within the travel industry. Cash-back bonuses, free nights, and airline miles are just a few of the many rewards that travelers can take advantage of with credit cards. It’s also a lot easier to deal with unfortunate account-related events like fraud and discharges with credit card companies compared to debit cards from local banks and of course compared to cash. We’ve also found that security and incidental deposits often take longer to reverse themselves on debit cards than they do on credit cards. Do some research on which credit cards offer the best travel rewards when staying at hotels near Zion Utah in Springdale, UT.

Booking the wrong hotel

It’s imperative that you double (and even triple) check the address and location of the hotel you want to book, even if it is one of the hotels near Zion Utah where you’ve stayed before. It only takes a few moments to do so and it’s more than worth it. There could be multiple Quality Inns or Marriotts, for example, in the same city and if you don’t make sure of the address, you could accidentally book the wrong one. Sometimes the descriptions of hotels on booking sites aren’t fully accurate. Phrases like “centrally located” or “in the heart of town” often does not mean what you assume it to mean. Consider using Google Maps street view to verify it is in fact located where you think.

Don’t forget about resort fees and taxes

This is one of the most common mistakes that travelers make, especially those who don’t travel often. Depending on where you’re staying, there is a good chance that there are fees associated with your stay that aren’t accounted for in the booking price such as parking fees, cleaning fees, resort fees, processing fees, pool-and-spa fees, and of course taxes, all of which can get tagged on to your bill when you checkout without notification. You can sometimes fight a few of these depending on the circumstance, but resort fees and parking fees are almost always mandatory when enforced so make sure to find out what these fees are beforehand and consider them when budgeting for your trip. It’s unlikely that you’ll experience these types of fees at hotels near Zion Utah, but it’s still a good idea check.

Look at the reviews

You are likely already well aware of this fact, but the properties almost never as good in person as they do in the photographs on booking sites. A pool, for example, can be made to look much bigger than it really is with a carefully angled photo. The mattresses or linens that a hotel uses may actually be subpar and uncomfortable or they may have discontinued their continental breakfast even though the listing says they have one. Reading reviews will help give you a clear picture of what you can expect at a given establishment. And sometimes hotels are actually better than what they appear to be. Reviews can help you discover these qualities, even when looking at hotels near Zion Utah in Springdale. Make sure that the reviews you read are recent. Reading reviews that are years old won’t do you much good. Another piece of advise when looking at reviews is to keep an eye out for the prude who leaves bad reviews for every hotel he stays at no matter what. Don’t put any stock in those posts.

This article will continue with the Hotels Near Zion Utah post Don’t Make These Mistakes When Booking a Hotel Room – Part 3.

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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Booking a Hotel Room – Part 2

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