Sleeping Soundly in a Hotel: How To Do It

Sleeping Soundly in a Hotel: How To Do It

If you have a hard time falling asleep when spending the night in a hotel away from home, you are not alone. It is extremely common for travelers to dread when the sun goes down because they know they are going to get an awful night’s sleep, whatever their personal reasons may be. Some people just can’t sleep well away from home because of the unfamiliar environment. Others are so used to their own bed at home than any other bed presents a problem. Many point to the smells and noises that are typical of most hotels as the culprit that steals their sleep. Whatever it may be for you, we have some suggestions that will help you sleep well the next time you book a hotel room. Don’t hesitate to try these tips out the next time you stay at one of the many places to sleep at in Zion National Park.

Tip 1

Do your best to alter and customize your hotel room to mirror the sleep environment that you’re used to at home. For example, what size is the bed you have at home? When booking your hotel room, reserve a room at one of the places to sleep at in Zion National Park with the same size bed that you’re used to. Also, if you’re like me, you consider pillows in most hotels to be much too firm. Bring your own pillow from home, the exact one that you sleep with every night. Not only will the familiar size, weight, and firmness of your personal pillow help you relax, but even the scent of your pillow will help you sleep. Do sleep in your underwear, in pajamas, or in your birthday suit? Make sure to keep that routine consistent if you want to increase your chances of a good night’s sleep.

Tip 2

Noise is obviously problematic when it comes to sleep and there are many things that you can do when staying in a hotel, even in one of the places to sleep at in Zion National Park, to eliminate as much noise as possible. Try and get yourself a room that is not next to or even near an elevator so you don’t hear all the dings, automatic door sound effects, and conversation from other guests getting on and off. If you can locate a room away from the ice machine as well, it certainly wouldn’t hurt. These types of special requests are a lot easier to fulfill if you reserve your room directly with the front desk clerk over the phone. You can’t make these kinds of requests when booking online.

Tip 3

Whatever temperature you set your home to at night, set the hotel’s air conditioner to that same temperature. Most people sleep better when the temp is on the cooler side, but whatever you like, do that. And it wouldn’t hurt to make sure that the air conditioner works properly before unpacking all of your stuff when you get to your assigned room at one of the places to sleep at in Zion National Park.

Tip 4

What types of things are you used to doing around bedtime at home? Do you usually take a shower before going to bed? Do you usually read to your kids? Go for an evening walk? Read a chapter of a novel? Whatever your evening routine is back home, be sure to reenact it while staying in a hotel. Call your kids and read to them over the phone. Take a few leisurely laps around the hotel property. All of these things help immensely.

Tip 5

Turn off all electronic devices! This is one of the important things to do in order to get a good night’s rest period, staying in a hotel or not. Our brains are so accustomed to anticipating electronic notifications and perking up immediately when they occur that it’s sometimes almost impossible for some people to train their brains away from it. Solve this problem by just powering everything down. Give the hotel’s phone number to your spouse in case of an emergency. Sleep is important and keeping electronic devices keep next to your bed prohibits it while staying in places to sleep at in Zion National Park.

Sleeping Soundly in a Hotel: How To Do It

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