Restaurants and Gift Shops in Springdale, Utah

Restaurants and Gift Shops in Springdale, Utah

At the entrance to Zion National Park, one of America’s most beautiful and most visited national parks, is the charming town of Springdale, Utah.  From its beginnings with Mormon Pioneers and American Indian tribes in the mid to late 19th Century, Springdale has evolved from an agricultural town to a predominantly touristic attraction.  It offers rustic, yet classy hotels, unique and crafty gift shops, as well as some of the tastiest eateries in Utah.  This article presents some of the best restaurants and gift shops in Springdale, Utah.

Oscar’s Café

Springdale’s restaurants are lined up conveniently on the town’s main drag, Zion Park Boulevard.  At 948 Zion Park Boulevard stands Oscar’s Café, a casual spot for American and Mexican cuisine.  Breakfast burritos, omelets, sandwiches, fancy burgers, salads, seafood, you name it.  Oscar’s Café stays busy.

Spotted Dog Café

If you want a delicious breakfast buffet, look for The Spotted Dog Café, and it won’t disappoint.  Choose from biscuits and gravy, flapjacks, yogurt, fruit, oatmeal, cereals, eggs, muffins, you get the idea.  For dinner, the menu includes recipes from regional cooks, fresh salads, soups, pastas, bistro delights, and rich desserts.  The Spotted Dog Café is also known for its fine wines.

Café Soleil

One of Springdale, Utah’s best restaurants is Café Soleil, founded by Tamera Burton in 2005.  Café Soleil meets the demand for a gourmet coffee shop which serves vegetarian food, soups, healthy sandwiches, alcohol, smoothies, pizza, salads, and Panini sandwiches.  Local art pieces enhance your visit at Café Soleil, and it has an outdoor section to show off the spectacular scenery.  It sits at 205 Zion Park Boulevard.

Whiptail Grill Zion

Besides its beer and wine, the Whiptail Grill Zion serves excellent Mexican food, American burgers, Asian, Southwestern, vegetarian, and even spaghetti squash.  Whiptail Grill Zion stands at 445 Zion Park Boulevard and is known for superb customer service and yes, delicious avocado salads.

Gift Shops

Now, for the best gift shops in Springdale, Utah.  Variety is the word.  American Indian arts and crafts, ceramics, paints, sculptures, photographic art, soaps, jewelry, clothing, you name it.

Joy Craft and Design

Let’s begin with Joy Craft and Design, one of the town favorites.  An artist herself, Joy says she is inspired by the beautiful, natural environment of Southern Utah.  This inspiration has led to colorful designs for ceramics, jewelry, soaps, handmade turquoise rings, silver teardrop necklaces, and shea butter soaps, just to name a few.  Joy Craft and Design is located at 932 Zion Park Boulevard.

Lefave Gallery

Lefave Gallery demonstrates some of the finer things in life in its creations from glass, ceramics, wood, sculpture, mixed media, and photography.  You’ll likely find a real treasure in Lefave Gallery.  It stands at the south entrance to Zion National Park.

Tribal Arts Zion

You can’t write an article on the best restaurants and gift shops in Springdale, Utah without including the Tribal Arts Zion.  An authentic display of Native American craftsmanship is found here.  You’ll see rare pieces of pottery, kachinas, baskets, fetishes, rugs, and painted wood carvings.  The spirit of the southwest lives in Tribal Arts Zion.

Zion Rock and Gem

Zion Rock and Gem beckon to families to handle the glut of polished rocks and gems.   Located at 1416 Zion Park Boulevard, Zion Rock and Gem is known for its good customer service and a vast selection of beautiful rocks.  Who knows, your kid may become a rock hound and grow up to be a geologist or gold digger.

Restaurants and Gift Shops in Springdale, Utah

Restaurants and Gift Shops in Springdale, Utah

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