Frugal Food Tips For Travelers – Part 2

Frugal Food Tips For Travelers – Part 2

This article is a continuation of the saving money post Frugal Food Tips For Travelers – Part 1.

Pack and Bring Your Own Meals

If we had to list in order all the tips we know of for saving money while traveling, it is very likely the one at the top would be this one. Packing your own meals and snacks and bringing them with you on your trip saves so much more money than any one thing you can do. It is absolutely worth the very little effort that it takes to preplan meals and prepackage them yourself. Depending on the length of your trip, your mode(s) of travel, and the nature of the activities that you’ll be engaged in, the number of meals that you can prepare and pack yourself will vary. But if you commit to careful planning in advance and pack all feasible meals, you will not only be saving money but you will also be saving a lot of time as well. It takes a lot of time and effort to choose where to dine out, travel there, wait, eat, and get back to your hotel. Packing meals make everything simple and fast while saving money. Be sure to pack meals that are easy to carry and travel-friendly. Look online and get creative by taking advice from people who are experienced in this. You’ll find awesome and delicious suggestions for saving money. Here are some ideas:

Breakfast ideas: bagel & cream cheese, protein bar, parfait, instant oatmeal
Lunch & Dinner ideas: PB&J, homemade pizza, any type of salad
Snack ideas: crackers & cheese, muffin, fruit, nuts.

Remember that, as we mentioned above, not every vacation is conducive to packing and bringing a bunch of meals and snacks. During the instances where you have no choice but to spend money on a meal, whether it be at a gas station during a quick stop or at a sit-down restaurant, make sure to spend your money wisely on a satisfying and filling meal and still have a mindset of saving money. Don’t waste your money on candy, chips, and soda. These will not make you full and will not make your stomach feel good and are obviously not healthy. In order to be frugal in these situations, you can’t mix-and-match individual items and buy them all separately. Don’t get a piece of fruit, a small container of yogurt, a coffee, and a bag of chips, for example. All that at a gas station would cost more than a delicious and filling entree at a restaurant. This is not saving money. Be wise and don’t needlessly overspend.

Reusable Water Bottles

We know that we do not need to tell you how expensive water bottles are at the airport or in the lobbies of many hotels. I’ve seen common water bottles cost in excess of $4! Even water bottles at gas stations are a waste of money if you’ll just bring your own sturdy, refillable water bottle and fill it up every chance you get. Quench your thirst for free while traveling by filling your bottle up at gas stations and drinking fountains. If you buy water bottles and soda pop every time you need a drink, you will not be saving money but rather be saying goodbye to a TON of money that you would otherwise save if you just drank delicious water from your own bottle. Your personal bottle doesn’t need to be huge and expensive. It’s just important that it is leak free. Insulated ones are great, too. You will be saving money left and right by doing this.

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Frugal Food Tips For Travelers – Part 2

Saving Money

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