Wildlife You May See at The Cliffrose Lodge

Wildlife You May See at The Cliffrose Lodge

One aspect of Zion National Park and Springdale that often gets overlooked and under-appreciated is the incredibly large amount of fantastic wildlife that exists here. Of course, there are untold amounts of woodland and desert staple creatures like lizards, squirrels, hummingbirds, and raccoons which are nonetheless fun and exciting to see even though you can almost guarantee sighting them no matter what American forest area you travel to. But the Springdale area has so many wonderful animals that folks seem surprised to see when they’re here, even though in reality any local resident would tell you that it’s quite common to catch glimpses of them. Even from the comfort of your Zion National Park scenic hotel room balcony, you will certainly see numerous examples of indigenous wildlife. Here is a list of four great animals that you may not be aware of.

Mule Deer

Of all the mammals residing in and around the Park, the mule deer is the definitely the largest and has the highest probability of being seen by visitors, especially during the colder morning hours. These regal animals usually have no apprehension when it comes to grazing right around the Visitor Center inside the park and other areas near people. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll get up close and personal with one, but you’ll get multiple opportunities to photograph them in all their natural beauty during your stay here, even on the hotel premises. Some mule deer are spectacular sights, particular ones with multiple-pointed antlers.


These fearless little birds are plentiful in Southern Utah and are always a delight to spot scurrying across paved roads and walkways as well as rushing through a nearby brush. Because of the mostly warm climate of Southern Utah, roadrunners love it here and can be spotted relatively often in both wild and city areas. Some of them have surprisingly striking colors and feather patterns. The kids especially seem to love these birds when they’re spotted. Roadrunners are mostly ground feeders and eat bugs, rodents, and other ground-level creatures. They also nest in cactuses as well as in trees. Watch for them even when you’re just walking to and from your Zion National Park hotel.

Great Blue Heron

Zion National Park is a very well-known location for people in the bird-watching community. There are countless species of birds that call the Park home, including the Roadrunner mentioned above. But one of them that sometimes gets forgotten because of the majesty of common hawk and falcon sightings is the Great Blue Heron. Most commonly spotted staking claim alongside rivers and streams, these are gorgeous birds. Their handsome gray and blue coloring together with their almost slow-motion movements make these birds hard to look away from. The Virgin River runs right alongside the Cliffrose and many guests see them every so often while strolling through our gardens.

American Beaver

Zion National Park’s Virgin River is a very comfortable home for the American Beaver. Granted, beaver sighting is rarer than anything else on this list, but they are most definitely there in abundance. Sightings are rare because they do most of their activity at night. Keep a close eye on the trees that are near riverbanks and you are very likely to see evidence of the Zion beaver’s presence, having left distinct chew marks. Another really interesting fact about the beavers native to Zion National Park is that you’ll hardly ever see traditional beaver dams because they’ve gotten wise concerning the constant flooding that occurs that quickly washes away any dam-creating efforts. Instead, they build their lodges on the riverbanks.


Animals acting and reacting in their native habitat is always an amazing thing to watch, and Zion National Park has no shortage of wildlife to behold. Make sure to make animal sightings a priority when you come and visit Springdale and are staying in your Zion National Park hotel this year. You will not be disappointed.


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