4 Reasons to Stay at a Hotel in Springdale, UT

4 Reasons to Stay at a Hotel in Springdale, UT


Springdale, UT is not a town that world travelers associate with the phrase “destination location.” But that is quickly changing. Every year more and more people plan their vacations for this little Southern Utah town. There are many fantastic things about staying at a Springdale hotel that, unless you’ve actually stayed here, will probably surprise you. These things are becoming more widely known and really putting Springdale on the map as a hot vacation spot. Here are 4 reasons why you should stay at a hotel in Springdale, UT and plan your next trip to this place.

Proximity to Zion National Park

The number 1 reason people stay in Springdale is the fact that if you want to visit Zion National Park, this is where you stay. Springdale is Zion, quite literally. One of the most incredible places on Earth, Zion is a masterpiece of Mother Nature and attracts millions of visitors every single year. It’s home to some of the most iconic and beloved hiking trails in the world, such as Angel’s Landing, The Narrows, Observation Point, and The Subway. And as anyone who’s been here knows, hiking is just one of dozens of activities available to tourists here. If Zion is the location of your upcoming vacation, then Springdale is the city you’ll stay the night.

Surprising Dining and Entertainment

For being such a small city, visitors of Springdale seem to consistently be surprised at the quality of food served at the restaurants here. Many top-tier chefs from Las Vegas and other culinary hotspots have opened up their own establishments in Springdale. And not only is the food delicious but the atmosphere is really what takes your breath away. No matter what restaurant you choose to eat at, the views all around you will blow your mind. It’s easily one of the most visually appealing spots in the world to sit down for a meal. And the entertainment in Springdale is elevated by a phenomenal venue, the OC Tanner Amphitheater. In addition, many local bars and restaurants feature live music. Springdale has yearly music festivals as well as multiple art galleries, most of which are within walking distance from your Springdale hotel.

World Class Resorts

There are multiple luxury resorts in Springdale. This may be surprising as Springdale has a population of only 529. But this town knows what it has to offer in terms of location, and it has ramped up all of its hospitality services to reflect the majestic nature of Zion. First-class spas and amenities along with staggeringly nice rooms and properties will make sure you never forget your Springdale hotel.

Small Town, Big Vacation

One of the greatest appeals of the Springdale as a destination location is the incredible ability it has to stay small while providing big vacations. The main street feel of the whole place seems somewhat deceptive when you consider the sheer number and magnitude of what the city and everything around it offer in terms of outdoor adventure and activity. Springdale is masterful at making you feel at home in their little community while providing you with enormous experiences and memories, primarily utilizing Zion National Park to accomplish this.

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4 Reasons to Stay at a Hotel in Springdale, UT

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