Discovering Springdale, UT: The Nation’s Best National Park Town – Part 2

Discovering Springdale, UT: The Nation’s Best National Park Town – Part 2

This article is a continuation of the Springdale Utah post Discovering Springdale, UT: The Nation’s Best National Park Town – Part 1.

The local supermarket Sol Foods is a favorite location in Springdale Utah for both locals and tourists. It’s a wonderful grocery store that caters to every type of shopper. Everything from organic to vegan to traditional grocery items to junk food. Whatever you have a hankering for, you’ll likely be able to get it at Sol Foods. You can also get novelty items, various outdoor gear items, pool accessories, clothing, firewood, and a lot more. There is also a market of sorts that is smaller than Sol Foods inside Zion near the entrance where you can get similar items.

Another great activity that is popular in Springdale Utah is camping, to no surprise. There are many campgrounds inside Zion National Park as well as in the city of Springdale Utah, many of which require reservations. The scenery of this area is so incredibly beautiful that sleeping out of doors is a guaranteed unforgettable experience. Remember to follow any and all regulations that exist for particular campgrounds, including leaving the area better than you found it and being kind and considerate to neighboring campers. Camping is a great way to save money during your Zion vacation in addition to creating lasting memories.

Springdale Utah has a wonderful city park that is tucked away a bit off the main road. While you are walking the streets of town, take a quick detour and hang out in the park. It is wonderfully relaxing.

Anyone who has eaten at a restaurant in Springdale Utah knows that the dining scene here does not mess around. In fact, the restaurant circuit in this small town has made quite a name for itself among restauranteurs. Many of the establishments here are run by well-known chefs from major food cities such as Las Vegas. If you’ve never been here, you will be stunned at how many different types of food are represented; steakhouses, Asian food, burger joints, sports grilles, hometown cooking, Mexican, breakfast-in-bed, traditional diners, Tex-Mex, fine dining, bars, coffee shops, and a lot more. Some favorites include Oscar’s, Bit & Spur, Switchback, Spotted Dog, Zion Canyon Brew Pub, Cafe Soleil, and Deep Creek Coffee Company.

Another characteristic of Springdale Utah that makes it so appealing as a national park town is not only its proximity to Zion National Park but also its proximity to Hurricane, St. George, and Cedar City. These amazing Southern Utah towns are all extremely close to Springdale and are all jam-packed with amazing adventures waiting to be had. Hurricane has Sand Hollow State Park with an incredible reservoir and acres of sand dunes, St. George has endless hiking trails, biking trails, entertainment, live theater, and whole lot more, and Cedar City is the home to the world-famous Utah Shakespeare Festival as well as the gateway to Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion’s national park neighbor. From your hotel in Springdale Utah, you can quickly and easily get to any of these places in a jiffy.

The next time you travel to Southern Utah for a Zion National Park vacation, carve some time out of your itinerary to spend at least one full day just exploring the town of Springdale Utah. It really is a magical place with so much do to and see that it has elevated itself in the world of travel as a legitimate destination location. Continue to visit our site for weekly articles about travel, Zion, Springdale, and Southern Utah.

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Discovering Springdale, UT: The Nation’s Best National Park Town – Part 2

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