The Best Hiking Footwear For Southern Utah

The Best Hiking Footwear For Southern Utah

People have their favorites, but the best hiking footwear for Southern Utah trails has some common characteristics, so this article will advise on them.  Whether you’re hiking at Zion National Park, in water, or venturing into wilderness territory, I think this information will give you some good ideas on how to protect your feet (and thus your body) from some harsh elements and hazards.

Historically, hikers wore high-top leather boots because of their abilities to prevent or minimize ankle sprains and to keep rocks from bruising the feet; however, the old boots were heavy, fatiguing, and took forever to dry after getting soaked in water.

Hiking Shoes

Now hiking shoes are sportier and light-weight like running sneakers, and companies have engineered soles hard enough to prevent trail rocks from bruising and overtaxing the feet.  With innovative, synthetic uppers, many hiking shoes dry quickly and breathe off the foot sweat quite well.

Keep in mind that one good hiking shoe isn’t all you need for differing ventures.  Avid hikers will have two or three pairs of hikers standing ready, whatever the terrain.  Think of them as soldiers. You need the Navy Seal for wet deployments, the infantryman for ground attacks, and the amphibious special ops for both.  The rocky trails of the Southwest and the Rocky Mountains require a sturdier sole than does the smoother, softer dirt of the Midwest or Southeast. And the Narrows river hike of Zion National Park requires a water shoe or boot that grips rocks without slipping and provides support for unseen stepping.

The best hiking footwear for Southern Utah will be sturdy, yet flexible enough to allow good forefoot bending so you don’t fatigue foot and calf muscles prematurely.  The sole should not be overly impressed by rocks and sticky enough to grab any surface. More companies should design a sticky sole for all their hikers.

Recommended Hiking Boots/Shoes

Merrill Company has designed some great trail running shoes.  If your spouse puts their foot down regarding more purchases for love of outdoor sports, and you have to decide on only one pair of hiking shoes, then the contest goes to Merrill Men’s All Out Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water Shoe.  It’s a mouthful, but an outstanding and versatile choice.

Low-top hiking shoes like the Keen Targhee II and the Merrell Moab II are not light-weight running shoes; they are designed more for rougher terrain, are durable, and waterproof, too.  They sell for about $125. The Salomon X Ultra 2 GTX (with a name like that, it should beat a sports car down the highway) features Gore-Tex for breathability and waterproofing. Plus, the sole is sticky on all trail types.

Keen, Merrell, Colombia, Keva, Salomon, Vibram, La Sportiva, Altra, Vasque, and Northface are just some of the shoe companies that make very good hiking shoes.  Cabella’s has some good hiking shoes, as well, but I don’t know if Cabella’s is the actual manufacturer. Typically, you’ll spend between $70 and $150 for a pair.  You could search these brands online to see selections and prices in your quest to get one of the best footwear for Southern Utah.

If you’re not interested in walking through streams or running on trails, you might prefer the traditional high-top hiking boot.  Hey, they still look cool, and they support your ankles and protect your feet very well. The Salomon Quest 4D2 GTX is regarded as the best on the market and sells for around $225.  Keen, Merrell, and Vasque also make excellent high-top boots, waterproof and tough.

The Best Hiking Footwear For Southern Utah

The Best Hiking Footwear For Southern Utah

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