The Best Ways To Utilize A Mountain Lodge

If you’re going to spend time and money on a vacation to a mountain lodge, you might as well make it good.  There’s little worse than blowing money on a trip that ends up full of regrets.  So, to save you that headache, I’ll share the best ways to make your mountain lodge trip fantastic and unforgettable.

Pick A Park

Staying at a mountain lodge with no surrounding attractions limits the quality of your vacation.  Sure, serenity and recluse are nice (if you’re writing a novel), but why not enhance the trip with a magnificent national park at your doorstep.  I recommend Zion National Park in Southern Utah. It’s the nation’s third-most visited and offers majestic and inspiring views, hiking trails, and rare rock formations.

Know The Surroundings

Just outside the main entrance to Zion Canyon is the charming town of Springdale, which boasts several one-of-a-kind hotels, delicious restaurants, and delightful gift shops.  Some are highly rated online with glowing reviews. Restaurants feature both local, traditional recipes and gourmet cuisine from transplanted chefs. Mexican food, Italian, American, Bistro, and gourmet coffee shops make Springdale a delight to any tourist.  You’ll also find shops for renting outdoor sports gear, a small grocery store, and cool pubs for beer and pool.

Choose The Right Mountain Lodge

One of the finest mountain lodges in the Intermountain West is Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens.  Built in 1988, Cliffrose is known for quality, comfort, class, and authenticity to the Southwestern motif.  Guests enjoy beautiful and indulgent rooms, free wireless internet, outdoor pool and hot tub, riverside picnicking, stunning views, and quick and convenient access to Zion National Park.  Cliffrose also offers reduced prices during the winter months when Zion is colder than in the warm summers.

Seize The Day

Take advantage of the famous hikes in Zion.  The iconic Angel’s Landing will test your mettle.  Though it’s only five miles round trip, it climaxes along a narrow ridge that overlooks death on either side.  Seize onto the chain railing to steady yourself, and hike sober.

Invite The Right People On Your Mountain Lodge Vacation

Taking along family or good friends can enrich your mountain lodge vacation.  Experiencing the grandeur of Zion Canyon is better when shared with those you love.  Sit outside the Cliffrose on a starry night, and tell stories by the river.

Include Elite Recreation

About forty minutes up the highway from Springdale is the Ponderosa Ranch Resort, which would be a shame to neglect.  Imagine a paint-balling battle with your family or lofty zip-line. Ride horses through the Ponderosa forest or show your stuff at the shotgun range.  Jeep tours take you through some of the greatest mountain areas of the West. After a day at Ponderosa Ranch, you can return to your home base mountain lodge in Springdale, Utah.


The Best Ways To Utilize A Mountain Lodge

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