Things To Do On Your Zion Park Vacation

Things To Do On Your Zion Park Vacation

If you like to travel and see rare sights, you’ve either already visited Southern Utah or have heard about the magnificent national parks there.  Two of the most visited national parks attract about four million visitors each year—Zion and Bryce National Parks; and they are not the only draws worth taking a trip to Southern Utah.  This article presents some of the best things to do on your Zion Park Vacation in Southern Utah.

Springdale, Utah

Zion National Park stands adjacent to the charming town of Springdale, Utah, which by touristic demand, has grown to possess some classy hotels, delicious restaurants, and delightful gift shops.  It makes your Zion Park vacation convenient, comfortable, and pleasant, so take advantage of what Springdale has to offer. Many of the hotels have shuttles to the Park and back all day long so you can leave your car at the hotel parking lots.

Springdale features some unique, hotels, such as Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens, a 3.5-star hotel.  Cliffrose has beautiful and indulging rooms, complimentary wifi, computer stations, conference room, outdoor pool and spa tubs, lounge, charging station for the electric cars, great food, and more.  It has designated smoking areas and spectacular views from your balcony of Zion’s canyons and rock formations.

Also in Springdale are some wondrous gift shops to enhance your Zion Park vacation.  They are stocked with fine imports as well as locally crafted pieces.  Navajo Indian jewelry, glass, metal, stunning photographs, clothing, gemstones, and many other treasures are available.  

Your Zion Park vacation would be less enjoyable if you didn’t eat at the Springdale restaurants.  Some places are award-winning and feature traditional recipes from local residents and also fine cuisine brought in my master chefs from around the country.  Bistros, gourmet coffee shops, Italian, Mexican, and American foods give you plenty to choose from.

Zion National Park

In Zion Park, you can hike and photograph to your heart’s content.  Some hikes are short and mild; others are moderate or strenuous for the athletic humans.  Short hikes to the Emerald pools are popular for children and elders. The most treacherous hike is to Angel’s landing, which climaxes on a narrow ridge, with death looming over the edge.  A railing of chains is attached to the cliff’s wall, keeping you from becoming dinner for scavenging buzzards. The view from Angel’s Landing is magnificent!

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

Drive forty minutes north of Zion National Park, and you’ll find one of the country’s top ranch resorts—Zion Ponderosa.  If you’ve got the time, this is worth the effort to add to your Zion Park vacation.  It is a mountain paradise for families and active adults.  The Ponderosa features activities like zip line, paintballing, rappelling, horseback riding, swimming, miniature golf, Jeep tours, shotgun range, etc.  You can stay in a Cowboy Cabin or park your RV in the campground.

Bryce National Park

From the Ponderosa Ranch Resort, head to Bryce National Park, which is a must-see on your Zion Park vacation.  You’ll think you slept long enough for a rocket thrust to another planet.  You can stop at any of the pull-out view spots along the highway and observe the hoodoos standing guard over the gorgeous valleys and canyons of Bryce.  Hoodoos? Well, they’re statues of red sandstone, sculpted over years by wind and water. These natural “aliens” add a sense of strange serenity to the colorful backdrop.  Hike any of the trails to get closer to the hoodoos, and see the awesome rock formation that resembles Queen Victoria. The area is named, “Queen Victoria’s Garden.”

Things To Do On Your Zion Park Vacation

Things To Do On Your Zion Park Vacation

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