Zion Activities: Things To Do While Staying At The Cliffrose

Zion Activities: Things To Do While Staying At The Cliffrose

There are so many things to do in and around Springdale and Zion Canyon that it would take more time than we have here to list them all, let alone describe them. This article will focus on 5 of the top Zion activities that tourists tend to engage in when visiting the area. There are many more Zion activities available in Southern Utah other than the ones listed here, but this list will act as a good primer for when you arrive this year.


Hiking is one of the world’s greatest and most satisfying past times, and I can’t think of a more appropriate place to do it then in Zion National Park. The amount of hikes to do here is astounding, and they range from super easy to very difficult. There’s a hike for everyone, that’s for sure. From the 10 minute Weeping Rock to the multi-day back- packing routes through Kolob Canyon and everything in between, the hiking options here will satisfy each and every person that visits, whatever their preferences and abilities may be.


This is one that sometimes gets forgotten in discussions about Zion and Springdale. The truth is that Utah is one of the best biking states in the US, and Southern Utah is a big reason for that. Springdale itself has some fantastic scenic roads for those who prefer two wheels over four. If you consider yourself a cyclist and you haven’t ridden biking trails in and around Zion, make sure to plan a Utah trip this year.


Just looking at the word makes it sound like a difficult thing to do that probably requires a lot of training and experience, and you’d be partially correct. However, there are many adventure outfitting establishments in Springdale that can provide you with the proper equipment and a guide. The other great thing about canyoneering in Zion is that there are so many different locations in the park to go canyoneering, each one differing slightly in difficulty. So if it’s your first time trying it, Zion has a perfect location for you. If you’re a seasoned professional, Zion has a place for you as well.

River Tubing

The Virgin River is prime for tubing. It’s not a really large, strong current river so you don’t need to be concerned about tipping unless you purposefully choose to. What’s also great about tubing own the Virgin is that many of the hotels in Springdale have been constructed alongside right alongside it, making it extremely convenient to sim- ply go straight from your hotel room to the river without taking more than a few dozen steps. Of all Zion activities, this is certainly one of the most underutilized.


Some tourists may not be aware that many people travel to Southern Utah simply for the golf. Sand Hollow Resort and Sky Mountain Resort are two of the most beautiful golf concourses in the US, and both are located right here near Springdale. If you are a golf enthusiast, you’ve got to try these courses. And there are more courses than just these two, so you’ve definitely got options.


As mentioned previously, there certainly are a lot more than five activities to do near the Cliffrose Lodge, but you can safely refer to these five as some of the most prominent and definitely some of the most fun. Springdale and Zion Canyon have so many great and incredible things to do that it’s almost impossible to come here once and not want to return again and again. The beauty along with the sheer number of activity choices make it one of the best destination locations around.

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Things To Do While Staying At The Cliffrose

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