Zion And Springdale Make The Perfect Couple

Zion And Springdale Make The Perfect Couple

While the perfect marriage arguably does not exist among humans, it does exist in other realms:  milk and cookies, ice and drinks, ebony and ivory, Michael Jordan and basketball, red white and blue on the American flag, motors and buggy carts, and Zion and Springdale, Utah.

Can you think of a couple who are still happily married after 100 years?  Uh, that would be a No. Zion and Springdale can make that claim.  They have pressed on through thick and thin, ups and downs, sickness and health to forge a remarkable relationship that is still going strong over the century mark.  When either one is struggling, the other empathically feels the pain, too. When one is thriving, the other celebrates in kind. They get along very well. Zion and Springdale are an unbeatable team whose victories happen every day when tourists have the time of their lives.

How Zion And Springdale Complement Each Other

For a fantastic vacation, you need a home base, a place to rest and prepare for the next day’s adventures.  Home base should be convenient, have the necessary amenities, and be centrally located to allow easy access to not only one, but also several coveted destinations.  Springdale qualifies. The town of Springdale is full of classy lodging, with the flavors of the Southwestern motif. One-of-a-kind hotels, along with the familiar national chains, welcome visitors with comfort and beauty.   Springdale is dotted with tasty restaurants that feature everything from fast-food to gourmet fine dining.

From Springdale, you can reach some of the most popular and attractive American spots in less than three hours’ drive:  Grand Canyon, Bryce National Park, Lake Powell, Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, and St. George, Utah. Springdale is the full-service mansion, and Zion is the playground.

After being nurtured and pampered by Springdale, you’ll be ready to tackle the challenges and adventures of Zion.  Zion features majestic cliffs, red rock formations, iconic hikes, and stunning vistas. The 4th most visited national park in America, Zion is heaven for hikers and photographers.  Wildlife is ubiquitous, hiking trails prevalent, and campsites abundant.

Seeing Zion

Thanks to the Virgin River and thousands of years of erosion, Zion is rich in natural sculptures and colors.  To see them, take the ranger-led shuttle from your Springdale hotel and get off at any of the stops where you can take a trail or two or three.  During the busy season of spring, summer, and fall, you don’t have to fight traffic because the main road is closed to personal vehicles. Shuttles do the trick, and conveniently.  

Hikes are rated easy to moderate to strenuous, and wheelchair access is available where possible.  Riverside Walk is kid-friendly, easy, and accessible to wheelchairs. The Watchman Trail is perfect for moderate hiking to catch views of rock formations without worrying about vertigo from high heights.  Angels’ Landing is more strenuous and takes you to sights unseen by the masses. Only the fitter and more ambitious, and some heavenly beings have seen the vistas from Angels’ Landing. Views of vast expanses, colors, valleys, mountains, and rustic cliffs all await the brave.

Zion and Springdale are on the ground floor of the Grand Staircase, so you are surrounded by great rock formations unlike anywhere in the world.   Every outcropping has a Biblical name and displays its own personality of gold, black, and amber strata.

Zion And Springdale Make The Perfect Couple

Zion And Springdale Make The Perfect Couple

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