4 Reasons to Plan Your Zion Company Retreat at the Cliffrose

4 Reasons to Plan Your Zion Company Retreat at the Cliffrose

If you’ve ever been on a company retreat, you’ll know that they are very polarizing. They are either incredibly fun or flat-out unbearable. Sometimes companies pull it off the right way and everyone feels like they had a good time, strengthened relationships, and experienced an increase in company devotion. But for some reason, that seems to be the exception rather than the rule. We have a suggestion to make. Consider making your next corporate event a Zion company retreat in Springdale at the Cliffrose Lodge. The chances of your retreat being a great experience for everyone will go up significantly. Let us explain by sharing the following five points.

Proximity to Zion National Park

The Cliffrose is one of the closest hotels to Zion, virtually sharing a backyard with it. A short paved pathway literally connects the two together. The abundance of unforgettable activities to be had in Zion National Park will make it nigh unto impossible to not create an incredible experience for your co-workers that they’ll always remember. If you or other members of your group have never been to Zion or Springdale before, this is pretty much a guaranteed home run.

Conference Room

A large conference with luxury seating and many presentation amenities exists on-site at the Cliffrose. It’s perfect for any style of a company meeting. A projector, a large desk, a desktop computer, dozens of comfortable chairs, and other features allow for a prime environment for presentations, speeches, training, etc. A central location allows for easy and quick access no matter what rooms your group members are staying in.

Breakfast, Gift Shop, and Anthera

If you need food or drink at any time of the day or night, one of these three options will be available to you and your colleagues. Bistro H is an outdoor on-site cafe serving lunch and dinner as well as beer, wine, and other spirits; and also coffee. The views out on the balconied seating areas are breathtaking. In addition to Bistro H, the Lodge serves full breakfast straight to your room upon request and can simply be charged to the room. Freshly made omelets, breakfast burritos, and more can simply be ordered and then delivered. And then there’s the gift shop connected to the main lobby where you can get drinks and snacks as well as novelty and recreational items. You and your associates will not be wanting for food while staying at the Cliffrose.

Restaurant and Catering Options

Springdale has an astoundingly good restaurant circuit, from pizza, Mexican, and homestyle to premier steakhouses and fine dining. Somehow it’s remained largely a secret to those who’ve never been here. Many high-profile chefs from Las Vegas and other food capitals have come here and started their own establishments. Other restaurants here have been around for decades because of how good the food is. The folks you invite to your company retreat will be beyond pleased with the high caliber of dining-out options. It always seems to surprise newcomers, but for those of us who work here or live near, we know how incredible the restaurants are and do our best to spread the word. All participants of your Zion company retreat will be in food heaven.


Where company retreats are concerned, comfort, food, and fun tend to be the top prioritize. All three of those things are found in abundance in and around the Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens. Choosing the Cliffrose for your Zion company retreat would be a very wise decision on a number of different fronts.


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