Zion Lodge: 3 Reasons to Stay at the Cliffrose

Zion Lodge: 3 Reasons to Stay at the Cliffrose

Have you ever started to plan a trip to Zion National Park and done research on all of the different hotels in Springdale, UT where Zion National Park resides? There are a lot of them and pretty much everyone is great, which you will find out during your research. The Cliffrose Lodge is one of those very special and unique places to stay in Springdale. There are many reasons why this is the case. If you’ve stayed there before, then you know exactly what we are talking about. But if you have never stayed at the Cliffrose Lodge and you are in fact planning a trip to Zion, we want to provide to you a reason or two why the Cliffrose should be the Zion lodge you select.

Prime location

Springdale, UT is the gorgeous little city that houses the famed Zion National Park. All of the hotels, restaurants, spas, art galleries, etc, are all located in this quaint and stunning city. And of all the places you can pick to stay the night in and around Zion National Park, the Cliffrose Lodge is one of the absolute closest to the Park’s gate. There is actually a paved walkway (parallel to the Virgin River, I should add) that begins on the Cliffrose grounds and leads right into the Park. How about that?! If you prefer to take steps to avoid traffic – or getting into a car altogether during your stay – then the Cliffrose is going to be a very logical choice for your lodging needs. The location couldn’t be more convenient. There is only one Zion lodge that is closer to the Park than the Cliffrose.

Gardens with a majestic backdrop

Speaking of paved walkways, there are actually a lot more of those on the Cliffrose grounds than the one that leads directly into Zion National Park. The Cliffrose has many meandering and intersecting walkways and paths that are surrounded by some of the most beautifully manicured gardens you have ever beheld. Many man-hours and expertise are put into the flowers, plants, and trees on a very regular basis to make sure that your unique experience with the gardens will be the same regardless of what time of year you come to stay. It is almost like being transported to another place that you have only dreamed about. It’s just simply amazing and you really need to see if to appreciate the magnitude of it. Guests love to just stroll around the grounds and take it all in. We think you will, too. Almost all of the 52 rooms, suites, and villas have connecting paths that connect to the garden paths for easy access.

So many types of rooms

Some hotels and resorts simply have only one or two types of rooms to choose from, making the experience perhaps a little less personal and customizable. The Cliffrose does not join with that group. There are many variations of rooms that a potential guest can select from depending on what needs and desires that person or group has. The Cliffrose often constructs new and updates existing rooms and personalizes many of them with their own unique style and furnishings. The truth is that a very high number of Cliffrose guests each year are returning guests. It is such a wonderful and singular hotel that makes it incredibly memorable, causing guests to come back to this Zion lodge year and after. There’s also a large conference room with many amenities.

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3 Reasons to Stay at the Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens

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