5 Tips for the Perfect Vacation to Zion National Park

5 Tips for the Perfect Vacation to Zion National Park

Springdale and Zion Canyon have been very popular destination locations for decades upon decades, but as of late have been experiencing an even greater resurgence of visitors with each passing year. If you’re a returning visitor or a first-timer, we want you to maximize your precious time while you’re staying at a Zion National Park hotel. We have curated a handful of tips for you to remember so that you really do get the absolute most out of your stay.

Timing is important

Let me start this section out by saying first and foremost that Zion National Park is breathtakingly beautiful during any time of year – morning, afternoon, or evening. However, when the weather, as well as visitor statistics, are concerned, sometimes of the year tend to be busier than others and some people prefer certain times of the day to others. Juen, being a summer month, is naturally going to be busier than say winter months. But even in June Zion is wonderfully cool during the early hours of about 7-10 am. We also recommend trying specifically to be in the park starting and during the 4 o’clock pm hour because many park visitors have left by that point and the sun begins to fall during that time, shining a simply magical light over all of the surroundings. We should also note that the earlier in the morning you start your day in the park (as well as coming in the evening of course), the less chance you have of getting hit by the midday summer sun. You can always go back to your Zion National Park hotel and relax.

Different days and seasons provide different experiences

If you are going to visit the area and stay in a Zion National Park hotel and you really want to beat the crowds, decide to come in the middle of the week rather than the weekend. Another sure-fire way to beat the crowds is to not come during a holiday weekend or any holiday for that matter. The park is going to be much busier during those times. We also recommend visiting Zion in October and in April, which is called the shoulder seasons. If you come during the summer and early fall, you’re going to be experiencing crowds. And we can’t stress enough how absolutely stunning Zion is during the winter months. Those months are highly underutilized by park visitors.

Pick the right trails

There is a reason that certain trails are the most popular ones. We do not recommend skipping “popular” hikes and trails inside the park because you will definitely be missing out on prime Zion experiences. For example, the Riverside Walk or Emerald Pools are very easy and very popular hikes because of the fact that they are completely gorgeous and do not require a large amount of physical exertion and effort, and the number of people there doesn’t really change how great your experience will be, at least with those two and others like it. Of course, other popular treks in Zion such as the Narrows and Angels Landing are incredible, but they require more gear and preferably more experience.

Take advantage of the shuttle stops

The shuttles inside the park have many stops and some are much more popular than others, but there are less used hidden gems where you can stop, such as Big Bend or Canyon Junction to name a couple. Fewer people will be getting off at those sites and they are in many cases just as beautiful and even more relaxing than other busier ones. This isn’t to say that the busier ones aren’t worth getting off of because they definitely are. But depending on your preference, don’t overlook the ones mentioned here.

Have a game plan for your lodging

The park is not situated near a big city. But this is not a bad thing! The Zion National Park hotels – that is to say, hotels in Springdale – are absolutely marvelous. Some of the most unique and special hotels you’ll ever stay at are in Springdale. We recommend staying for at least two, preferably three or even more nights. You find have a shortage of adventure, food, or relaxation, we can assure you that much.

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