A Recipe For A Great Zion National Park Vacation

A Recipe For A Great Zion National Park Vacation

Is there a secret to making the best possible Zion National Park vacations a reality? Perhaps not one single thing. But certainly, there are a handful of ingredients that, together, will yield a phenomenal vacation in Springdale and one of the best vacations that you’ll ever take. If you are a little more meticulous in your planning and take above-average care in creating your itinerary in addition to considering the following, your potential for amazing Zion National Park vacations will go up considerably.

Zion has so many itinerary options to choose from that it would be near impossible to cram them all into one trip. It’s also hard to separate Zion activities into wise decision/unwise decision categories because that just wouldn’t be true. Everything in Zion is fun and worth your time. So considering the fact that over 4 million people visit Zion National Park every year and engage in a variety of activities, which ones should you choose and what other things should you consider?

First of all, after choosing your dates, we recommend being selective about where you stay. There are a lot of options in Springdale, from RV areas to luxury resorts, but make sure to pick something that meets your standards. We obviously hope that you choose the Cliffrose Lodge and are 100% confident that you’ll love it here, but certainly there are many great options in town, including the Cliffrose. From there, try and zero in on the activity category (or categories) that you want to experience during your stay; eg. camping, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, UTV riding, aerial tours, scenic driving, etc. If you try and do too much, it gets overwhelming and stressful. Just focus on 1 to 3 of these areas depending on how long you’re staying and fill out your itinerary appropriately.

When creating your itinerary, make sure to leave at least one day that doesn’t have anything in particular planned other than where you’re going to eat, perhaps. This allows you to truly relax in Springdale and experience everything this incredible city offers. A vacation that is go-go-go the whole time is tiring and inefficient, in our opinion. Give yourself a break while you’re here, either at the beginning, middle, or end of your trip. You’ll thank yourself for putting a day like that in the itinerary.

Also, this goes without saying, but we’ll still mention it. Coming during the peak summer months means crowds. Coming during the off-season does not. Just consider it. One of the great things about Southern Utah is that the weather is good year round.

By following the suggestions above, we’re confident that your Zion National Park vacations will be amazing!

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A Recipe For A Great Zion National Park Vacation

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