All Zion Park Hotels Are Not Alike

All Zion Park Hotels Are Not Alike

Just like anything in life, choices make the difference among good, better, and best. Of course, good, better, and best are in the eye of the beholder and in the spaces of their wallet; however, in the world of hospitality and tourism, we’re talking percentages. A larger percentage of visitors would prefer a Holiday Inn Express over a Super 8, for example. Choosing between Zion Park hotels is no different; you have preferred location, personal likes, dislikes, and money to consider. Sure, you’ll get by and call it a vacation regardless of where you stay, but where you stay can make all the difference in terms of reducing stress, atmosphere, comfort, service, convenience, amenities, cleanliness and class.

There are reasons that Motel 6 doesn’t cost $300 a night. Conversely, a three-star hotel won’t cost $50 a night, unless you married the CEO’s daughter or could travel back in time. This article presents some of the lodging options in Springdale, Utah, located at the entrance to Zion National Park, and why they are not all alike.

Cliffrose Lodge And Gardens

Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens is arguably the most popular of the Zion Park hotels, for good reasons. Its proximity to the Park is a leisurely walk of about two football fields or a shuttle ride of about, well, a minute or two. Just thinking about Cliffrose’s amenities and ambiance are motivation enough, but experiencing it will keep you coming back.

Amenities include air conditioning, laundry facilities, waterfall hot tub, jetted bathtubs, full kitchens, nearby gift shops and restaurants, coffee and tea area, private balconies and patios, nice flat-screen televisions, a private “beach,” 24-hour business center, airport shuttle, gorgeous outdoor pool area, free wifi, free parking, 52 guestrooms, spectacular views of Zion, and, of course, daily housekeeping. Nestled along the Virgin River, you get the feeling of being in a heavenly place, rather than just at a hotel. The selection of rooms features one or two bedrooms, and queen or king beds. Some are villas for family meal preparations and gatherings. Cliffrose rates 3 to 3.5 stars, depending on which publication you read.

Holiday Inn Express

Springdale, Utah is home to a Holiday Inn Express, a 2.5-star, national hotel chain. The Holiday Inn Express offers a 24-hour fitness center for the fitness-minded guests. Other amenities include a children’s pool, computer station, free wireless internet, free breakfast, meeting rooms, gift shops, a garden, and a 24-hour business center. The Springdale Holiday Inn Express has a no-smoking policy. The fitness center and complimentary breakfast make the Holiday Inn Express stand out among the other Zion Park hotels.

Driftwood Lodge

The Driftwood Lodge, also in Springdale, Utah, received 2.5 stars from U.S. News and World Report’s Traveler’s Division. Just minutes from Zion National Park, the Driftwood contains a bar/lounge to relax in, an outdoor pool and spa tub, and a restaurant. Wifi internet is complimentary. Outside the Driftwood, you’ll not only see magnificent and colorful rock formations, but also you can cook up some barbecue at the outdoor kitchen. No smoking is permitted at this, and most Zion Park hotels.

Honorable Mentions

There are many other fine choices of Zion Park hotels, but not enough ink to elaborate, here, so I’ll just mention them. The Watchman Villas are first-class vacation rentals, the Majestic View Lodge gets good reviews, and the Pioneer Lodge will please, as well. Though each choice is different, what is alike for the Springdale hotels are the easy access to the Park and the spectacular scenery.

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All Zion Park Hotels Are Not Alike

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