10 Tricks to Getting Cheaper Hotel Rooms

10 Tricks to Getting Cheaper Hotel Rooms

Try some of these suggestions when booking your next room, especially if you’re wanting to stay in one of the many Zion Park hotels. You’ll save money and feel like a winner.

Simply Ask

Seems like a no-brainer, but not enough people do this. Email or phone potential hotels and straight-up ask them if there are any deals going on. Reductions in price or upgraded rooms can often be acquired even in situations where there doesn’t happen to be any actual deal going on at that particular hotel. Definitely, do this before booking an extended stay 5 or more nights) at any hotel.


This is a travel review site where you can write hotel reviews (similar to Trip Advisor). What’s great about it is that you earn 70% of the checkout total when someone makes a reservation by clicking on your review. Stay at some Zion Park hotels, write reviews about it, and make some money towards your next stay!

Hotel Tonight

This is another similar to Priceline Express Deals that searches for vacancies at great prices when your intention is to book a room for the next night or same day.


This option can be risky because you sometimes don’t get exactly what you hope for because you don’t have 100% control over the outcome, but Express Deals from Priceline can get you up to 60% off rooms. It’s worth the risk depending on the situation.

Membership Discounts

These can be obtained by becoming a part of various travel organizations such as AAA. If you’re under 35 years old, there’s something called an ISIC (International Student Identity Card) that makes available all sorts of savings on worldwide travel.

Credit Card Points

Like airline miles, this tip probably won’t be news to you, but it seriously is one the best ways to save money on travel. Many people travel constantly on their credit card points alone. There are many websites and blogs that tell you what the best cards out there are when it comes to earning travel points.

Airline Miles

Most people know about this, but a large percentage of them still aren’t taking advantage. Most companies will allow you to use your miles for hotel bookings in addition to airline tickets.

Living Social and Groupon

These sites aren’t widely known for their travel help, but you can now join the group of folks that do. Always check these two sites (and others like them) for hotel deals. Those who can afford the pricier hotels should definitely be utilizing these tools.

Cancelon and Roomer

These two sites (including more like them) help you find discounted rooms in the form of late cancellations. Great resource.

Kayak Price Alerts

If you aren’t yet familiar with this site, you should be. Not only is it a wonderful travel resource, but you can sign up for email notifications that come to you immediately, informing you of price alerts and more. You can customize your notifications to your liking, specifying the area (such as Zion Park hotels), a particular lodge, etc.

10 Tricks to Getting Cheaper Hotel Rooms

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