Cliffrose Gardens: The Many Different Flowers on the Property

Cliffrose Gardens: The Many Different Flowers on the Property

There are many things beautiful things all around us that we often take for granted because they are so prevalent we see them virtually every day without any special effort; clouds, mountains, sunsets, architecture, to name a few. However, flowers may be at the forefront of this list. Flowers are so abundant in almost every populated area on earth that we forgot to take special notice of them. Even when we see a National Geographic photo of some magical-looking yet real species of flower taken in a far away country, we typically recognize it’s beauty only momentarily. At the Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens, one of our goals is to reinvigorate our guest’s natural attraction to flowers and remind them of their beauty while adding to the Zion scenery. There are so many different species of flowers at the Cliffrose. If you are a lover of flowers and other plant life then you should not think twice about choosing this hotel when you come to visit Springdale and Zion National Park. Our gardens are one of our pride and joys, taking great care in making sure everything looks right as you and your party walk through the grounds on our paths. We want our guests to say they have visited the most beautiful and peaceful hotel they have ever stayed at, and we accomplish this in large part by our flowers.

Who doesn’t love flowers?

Everybody loves roses, and we have a lot of them. Many different species of them in many different colors. No garden would be complete without the iconic rose, and we have made sure to include roses that are worthy of Instagram. Also, A large amount of what could be called common flowers are found at the Cliffrose. However, we try our very best to elevate even common flowers to an above average status. Daisies, lilies, and honey suckles, for example, are here in an impressive array of colors and species. We are confident that you will be impressed, even if you are an experienced flower person. Our gardens also feature annuals that are native to the area. The Zion scenery in Southern Utah is home to so many wonderful flowers and plants and we have tried to include many of them. We certainly want our guests to experience viewing flowers that they are unlikely to see when they return to their hometown, making their stay with us even more memorable.

The flowers in the Cliffrose Gardens

Without going into too much detail with every single species of flower that we curate here at the Cliffrose in Springdale, we will list some of the other ones that you can look forward to seeing: chitalpa trees, flowering desert willows, blossoming fruit trees, yuccas, flowering shrubs, marigolds, cannas, maiden grass, fountain grass, and iris. These various plants and flowers, we hope, will be taking up space on your iPhones memory. We want our gardens and walkways to be one the highlights of your stay with us. There is so much to see at the Cliffrose. The natural vegetation that surrounds our property combined with the carefully pruned and well-kept vegetation found on our grounds results in a wholly amazing experience. We are confident that even from your hotel room balcony you will see some of the most calming and lovely sights your eyes have seen. We are immensely proud of our flowers and our staff works very hard and cares very much about the flowers presentation. Come stay at the Cliffrose during your upcoming trip to Southern Utah and see our flowers and other Zion scenery in person. Your eyes and your camera will thank you.

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Cliffrose Gardens: The Many Different Flowers on the Property

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