Zion Tips: Advice For Planning the Perfect Vacation

Zion Tips: Advice For Planning the Perfect Vacation

Zion National Park is a very well known place to come for a vacation, and more people come visit there each year. Whether or not you’ve been to the park many times or not, it’s important to make the best use of your time while you’re there. Let us help you by providing you with these Zion tips.

How important is timing? Very.

Like most national parks, some months are busier than others and some are slower than others. If you come in the summer it is going to be busier. If you come during a holiday it will also be busier. If you don’t come during these times then you won’t have to worry about really big crowds. Also, if you enter the park in the morning then you’ll get to see the sunrise, which is something you don’t want to miss. Likewise, staying in the park up until sunset is also something you shouldn’t miss, plus there aren’t as many people in the park early in the morning or into the evening so you’ll beat the crowds that way. 

Seasons and holidays make a difference

Another tip to beat crowds and have a great time in Zion is to avoid weekends. Plan your trip for weekdays and you’ll be thankful that you did that. Also, many seasoned Zion visitors like to avoid visiting on a holiday weekend. Also, many people forget how pretty Zion is in the winter. We recommend planning a winter Zion trip. You’ll you’re your pick of the hotels that are usually sold out and you won’t have to worry about bumping into anyone on the trails.

Careful trail selection

So many hikes in Zion are amazing, but the popular ones are popular for a reason. Also, just because the guidebook says a particular hike or trail is easy doesn’t mean you should gloss over those ones either. Some of the easy and most popular trails are some of the prettiest ones. Yes, Angels Landing is amazing and yes, the Narrows is amazing, but make sure to visit Emerald Pools, as well as the Riverside Walk because they are also amazing. Some returning visitors even prefer the less-strenuous excursions over the more difficult ones just based on beauty alone. The harder ones are of course stunningly beautiful but don’t count the little guys out, that’s all we’re saying.

The shuttle is your friend

Zion is known for their very efficient shuttle system. The shuttles take you virtually anywhere you want to go that has road access. But what a lot of people don’t take advantage of are the shuttle stops that aren’t as “popular” as some other well-known stops. This section in a way is relaying a similar message as the previous section in that you can avoid large crowds of people and still have just as memorable of an experience by traversing the path less taken, so to speak. Hints: Big Ben and Canyon Junction stops. Get off on those. Just trust us. They aren’t as popular as some of the heavy-hitters, but in our opinion, they hit just as hard and you’ll beat crowds.

Hotel advice

As you may already know, Zion National Park is not located in a big city. Springdale, the city of Zion, is rather small comparatively but stunningly beautiful and is home to some of the best hotels you’ll ever stay at. We’re not kidding. Plus, if you come during the shoulder season, it’s unlikely that any of the hotels will be full which is often the case during the busier summer months.

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Advice For Planning the Perfect Vacation

Zion Tips

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