5 Unique Amenities at the Cliffrose Lodge

Five Unique Amenities at the Cliffrose Lodge

The Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens is certainly one of the most unique and exclusive places to stay in Springdale, UT. As far as Zion National Park hotels are concerned, many consider it to be the best. There are many reasons why this is the case, and a lot of it has to do with the unique Cliffrose Lodge amenities they offer that are atypical of a traditional hotel. Here are five of them.

Bistro H

This is the Cliffrose’s in-house dining establishment; a quaint, intimate, and delicious cafe that serves both lunch and dinner entrees, desserts, and a wide variety of wine, beer, and other drinks. It can also be used simply as a lounge area to mingle and chat with friends. Directly connected to the main lobby, you’ll definitely want to spend time here, even if it’s just to gaze out at the cliffs of Zion from the rear balcony portion of the cafe. If you’re looking for a romantic spot, or a casual conversation spot, or a solitary spot, Bistro H is all of those things and more. It also serves as a convenient place to satisfy your hunger without requiring you to leave the hotel premises.

Manicured Gardens

Certainly, the most publicized and talked about characteristic of the Cliffrose, the manicured gardens are a sight to see. No other hotel in Springdale can boast the kind of beauty that is found wandering through the walkways and gardens on the Cliffrose property. It’s relaxing, resetting, and romantic all at the same time, not to mention breathtakingly beautiful. A lot of time and effort are dedicated to making the hotel grounds as striking as possible. You’ll remember this trademark of the Cliffrose without question.

Two Hot Tubs

This seems like it wouldn’t be worth noting, but countless guests comment on how neat, convenient and fun it is that the Cliffrose Lodge amenities sport two separate pool areas on two opposite areas of the property. Both hot tubs are extremely large; much bigger than what you usually climb into at a standard hotel. Your whole group should be able to sit comfortably and with room to spare in either hot tub. One is located directly next to the main swimming pool in the hotel’s primary swimming area. The other is located on the other side of the property and also includes a smaller swimming pool right beside it.

Riverside Beach

When you stay at the Cliffrose, you have direct access to the Virgin River steps from your hotel room. Sandy beaches line the river, allowing for an unexpected experience for adults and children alike. Seating areas and grills also line the beaches of the Cliffrose. Many guests find themselves spending quite a bit more time out there than originally anticipated.

Children’s Play Areas

There are multiple play areas complete with playground equipment, sand boxes, and more. If you are bringing your kids with you on your Springdale vacation, rest assured that at the Cliffrose, your kids likely won’t be telling you that they have nothing to do. Between the children’s play areas, the pools and hot tubs, and the enormous expanses of fresh cut lawns, it’s like having the most beautiful park you’ve ever seen as part of the hotel you’re staying at.


A lot of times, it’s the amenities that make or break a hotel. When you stay at a hotel for the first time, you remember when things don’t meet your expectations. In general, it’s just easier to remember the bad things than the good. At the Cliffrose, it’s all good.

Cliffrose Lodge amenitiesFive Unique Amenities at the Cliffrose Lodge

Cliffrose Lodge amenities

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