Find Hidden Treasures in America’s Southwest

Find Hidden Treasures in America’s Southwest

When asked why he hid over a million dollars worth of gems in America’s Southwest, Forrest Fenn replied, “To give people hope, and to get kids out of the house and off their handheld texting machines.” Fenn, age 87, hid a treasure chest in 2010 somewhere near the Rocky Mountains, and the only clues to its whereabouts are found in a poem Fenn wrote.  According to Fenn and two eyewitnesses, the treasure is likely to appreciate in value over time. While Fenn’s treasure is literal and actual, there are other “hidden treasures” in America’s Southwest, which are much easier to find.

The Hunt For A Million Dollars

Forest Fenn is a former Vietnam fighter pilot and art dealer, who collected the rare artifacts over years of buying and exploring.  Estimates put the number of treasure hunters over the past eight years at about 350,000. The treasure is yet to be found, appearing rather hopeless.  Many have pointed to the irony of Fenn’s goal to instill hope in people.

Other Hidden Treasures in America’s Southwest

The good news is that there are other “hidden treasures” in America’s Southwest which are not so hard to find. They are gorgeous; and they bring joy, inspiration, challenging exercise, and respite to millions of tourists each year.  Families and friends have easy access to the wonders of geology, history, and Mother Nature by visiting Utah’s national parks, of which Zion is the country’s fourth most popular.

Zion National Park

America’s Southwest includes the beautiful State of Utah, home to five “mighty” national parks, where you can easily discover geologic treasures that appear other-worldly.  Zion Canyon features awe-inspiring, giant rock faces, majestic, red sandstone formations, and vast, colorful vistas. A bevy of hikes await people who want mild, moderate, or strenuous trails.  Through Zion Canyon, the Virgin River flows and beckons you to wade into slot canyons while you feel both cool water and radiant heat from sun-absorbed sandstone walls. Be sure to take along drinking water, food, and water shoes. Wildlife are spotted often, and the colorful vistas are stunning. The charming town of Springdale, Utah lies at Zion’s main entrance to satisfy the tourists’ desires for delicious food, recuperative sleep, and rare treasures from the gift shops.

Other National Parks in America’s Southwest

Bryce Canyon is about 90 minutes’ drive up the highway from Zion and Springdale, Utah and is famous for its Hoodoos.  The Hoodoos are orange sandstone statues, sculpted by nature over eons of time. They stand like guards, protecting the sacred grounds of Bryce National Park. Bryce is at a higher elevation than Zion, so its winters are slightly colder and typically snowier.  Also in the Utah wilderness are three other national parks: Canyonlands, Arches, and Capitol Reef. All are breathtaking parts of America’s Southwest and ideal for vacations and photography.

Find Hidden Treasures in America's Southwest

Find Hidden Treasures in America’s Southwest

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