Great Vacation Activities in Southern Utah

Great Vacation Activities in Southern Utah

Besides being a geologist’s paradise, Southern Utah has plenty of wonderful vacation activities for non-geologists like the rest of us.  The five “mighty” national parks beckon those who don’t mind some hiking, some picturesque scenery for photography, and the awe-inspiring landscape.

Southern and Eastern Utah have become known the world over for its other-worldly terrain for vacation activities, such as mountain biking, four-wheeling, wilderness survival treks, cliff-diving,  ATV and UTV dune and trail riding, sight-seeing, treacherous hiking, marathons and triathlons, resort playing, fishing, hunting, cabin sequestering, and touring the national parks.

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

For vacation activities in a mountain resort, The Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort is hard to beat.  It has cowboy cabins for families or couples and an eatery, along with many other attractions.  Take your partner horseback riding or sliding down the zip line for 100 yards. Other draws include mountain biking, paintball contests, miniature golf, canyoneering, guided hiking, ATV tours, pool, shotgun range, tennis, volleyball, yoga, wagon ride with dutch-oven dinner, bungee trampoline, and star gazing.

The guided hiking from Ponderosa’s expert guides will escort you to some of the secret or lesser-known gems of Zion National Park, so you will see parts that the millions of tourists have missed.

National Parks

Seeing Utah’s five national parks would take some time and driving, so most folks who want to see more than two parks need a few days to a week.  Zion and Bryce are less than 90-minutes drive apart, so seeing both in two days is popular and doable. Both parks are spectacular, and Zion has more hiking options, from easy to treacherous and scary.  Both parks have lodging and restaurants nearby. Adjacent to Zion National Park are fine hotels, such as the Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens, a 3.5-star hotel.

Zion’s Hikes

Zion National Park is replete with family hikes from one to three miles round trip.  They range from easy to moderate to strenuous, depending on slope and length. Angel’s Landing is brutal and climaxes on a high, narrow ridge that overlooks death.  It’s bordered by a chain railing to keep you from becoming vulture scraps.

Bryce Canyon

This author’s favorite vacation activity of Bryce Canyon is gazing at the hoodoos, the alien-like vertical pillars of orange sandstone, sculpted over time by water and wind.  Bryce also offers some hikes down to Queen Victoria’s Gardens and such, a beautiful place. A huge rock formation resembles Queen Victoria, so hence the name.

Arches National Park

Arches National Park has hundreds of sandstone arches to walk under and photograph through.  One of Utah’s most popular license plates depicts an orange arch, framing the background of blue sky and desert beauty.  The rust and blue are beautiful in person and on the car plates.

Capital Reef National Park

Some of the favorite vacation activities in Capitol Reef include photography because of the vast and dramatic landscape.  The unique rock formations resemble capital buildings. The park encircles a long wrinkly fold in earth’s crust, known as the Waterpocket Fold.  Capitol Reef glistens with golden sandstone and striking rock formations. Its Cathedral Valley has erupted with towering monoliths.

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands is famous for its striking desert landscape, which was carved by the Colorado River.  It is filled with flat-topped mesas and awesome panoramas. Sharp pinnacles of rock formations, known as the Needles, point to the heavens.  Canyonlands invites only the brave for whitewater rapids through Cataract Canyon.

Great Vacation Activities in Southern Utah

Great Vacation Activities in Southern Utah

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