A Christmas Vacation in Zion National Park

With less than two weeks until Christmas Day, we know that a lot of you have time off work very soon. Come spend a couple of those days in Springdale! Here in Zion Canyon, we are well into the off-season which means there are plenty of rooms available, lots of food ready to be served to you, and luxurious rooms just waiting for you at any hotel Zion Park. At the Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens – steps away from the entrance to the park – we have a room with your name it!

Need a peaceful getaway before the busyness of Christmas week hits? Want to spend Christmas morning in an unimaginably beautiful place? How does a post-Christmas Day trip to Zion National Park sound? There are many people every single year who have made one of these options a holiday tradition, and you can too. We’ve said it many times before, but the fact that Springdale and Zion National Park is so close to home for so many Southern Utah folks is an incredible luxury; paradise is essentially in your backyard! And our admonition is certainly not exclusively for local people. In fact, the majority of Christmas time guests that we host aren’t from Utah. If a “white Christmas” isn’t really your thing, Springdale is a fantastic holiday location. The park is open all twelve months of the year so you can explore the park until your heart is content (minus the throngs of tourists) and then come back to your home away from home and relax in your hotel Zion Park. There won’t be any need to call and make a reservation in any of the restaurants in town because, as we mentioned, because it’s the off-season and this is the time of year when only the wisest of travelers venture to Zion, knowing that the weather is still great and the vacancies are more abundant.

You’ll notice too, when you arrive, that Springdale and every hotel Zion Park decorates for the holidays and relishes in the spirit of the season. A Zion National Park Christmas is guaranteed to be a memorable one. We’ve seen a lot of blog posts and articles on the internet of travelers recounting their incredible time spending some of the holidays in Zion, naming it one of their most unforgettable holiday memories. Give it try! Zion National Park is waiting for you!

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A Christmas Vacation in Zion National Park

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