Springdale UT Lodging: Paradise in the Canyon

Springdale UT Lodging: Paradise in the Canyon

Of all the places in the Beehive State to travel to, Southern Utah has always been one of the more popular areas. The stunning red rock landscapes and pleasant year-round weather provide an ideal vacation environment. Cities like St. George, Hurricane, and Cedar City are all incredible places to visit and have wonderful things to offer. But in this writers opinion, the specific Southern Utah region that consistently delivers and always surprises is the little town of Springdale nestled perfectly at the entrance to Zion National Park. Given its small geographic size and minuscule population, you would think that it would have no real chance to reach comparisons to other Utah tourism powerhouses like Park City. Not only does Springdale share tourism clout with Park City, but it is consistently climbing the ladder of most desirable vacation destinations in the country! Springdale UT lodging, dining, and entertainment are top-notch.

Springdale is located in Zion Canyon, less than an hour away from Southern Utah’s biggest city, St. George. The famous cliffs of Zion National Park surround the town on every side. Just driving to Springdale is an incredible experience by itself. Sharing scenery with Zion Canyon is a very fortunate aspect of Springdale, elevating it to majestic status as far as vacation destinations are concerned. But there is a lot more to Springdale as a vacation town than its natural real estate.

Springdale UT lodging is truly where this place shines. Not only does it have an incredible variety, but virtually every option – no matter what – is the best of its kind. Places like the Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens, Cable Mountain Lodge, and Springhill Suites are as fantastic as any hotel you’ve ever been to. When you stay at these places, it’s like you’ve stepped into a painting and into another world. Impeccable service, immense comfort, high-level luxury, and of course beauty unlike anything you’ve ever seen from the balcony of your hotel room. On top of all that, most of what the city of Springdale has to offer is within comfortable walking distance. Every restaurant, shop, museum, and park can be accessed with relative ease. And speaking of restaurants, the food is likely to be one of the most memorable aspects of staying here. Much pride is taking in making sure that dining experiences here are as good as they can possibly be. Springdale dining is famous in and of itself and is consistently recognized nationally.

Come experience Springdale UT lodging and explore Zion National Park to create the best vacation you’ve had in years.

springdale ut lodging

Paradise in the Canyon

Springdale UT Lodging

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