Springdale’s 10 Best Places To Eat Lunch – Part 2

Springdale’s 10 Best Places To Eat Lunch – Part 2

This article is a continuation of Springdale’s 10 Best Places To Eat Lunch – Part 1 If you are lodging near Zion, one or more of these places should be within a comfortable walking distance.

Jack’s Sports Grille

For those lodging near Zion who prefer to watch a game or sports news while you eat and/or drink? Jack’s is a fantastic place with a great, relaxed environment where you can comfortably have lunchtime conversations with your party. Situated next to Switchback Grille Jack’s Sports Grille will provide you with a refreshing drink, delicious appetizers and full lunch meals, and your needed dose of sports entertainment. The desserts here are also known to be very, very good.

Zion Canyon Brewpub

Ah, the Brewpub (as it’s affectionately called). In all seriousness, the city of Springdale and lodging in Zion generally would feel incomplete with this city staple. The online reviews alone should confirm its reputation as the best beer in town, but then when you go and get one for yourself, there’s no denying it. In addition to the six on tap, they’ve developed their own craft brews that are just amazing. Sit at the bar or take a table and order the rustic chili, steamed clams, English fries, fish and chips, or many other choices that are all really, really good. Scheduled live music is another reason to come here. After an early morning in the park, come here mid-afternoon and relax with a cold one. It will be one of your favorite memories from your trip.

Wildcat Willies

Time-travel to the old west and grab lunch at this delightful place that is guaranteed to give you a good time in addition to a good meal. The whole place, inside and out, is decked out in saloon and cowboy decor that transports you to a different time and place once you walk inside. Breakfast till 1:30 is one of WW most popular features, and their breakfast is to die for. There are so many specific menu choices that we could recommend, but for now, we’ll mention the Red Mountain Utah Trout and the Buffalo Meatloaf. If you like meatloaf, you’ve got to order this. It comes with a sweet onion gravy that is ridiculously good.

Whiptail Grill

This dozen-year-old Springdale favorite serves a variety of American-Mexican cuisine. Whiptail has a big following and a whole lot of loyal and returning customers. It resides in a charming, antique local building that is 50+ years old that’s been made up into an awesome place to eat and socialize. The folks at Whiptail have created some exciting and original menu choices such as the Goat Cheese Chile Relleno and the Spaghetti Squash Enchilada (both delicious) in addition to classic meals like top-quality tacos, enchiladas, etc.

Thai Sapa

One of the few options for Asian food in Springdale, definitely come here if you’re not feeling like a burger, a steak, or a burrito and you have a hankering for something more exotic. The woman who owns and runs this place is a Thai immigrant and makes everything from her own recipes that have been handed down for years. She’s extremely kind and a master and making delicious food. The interior of the restaurant expresses the best of Thai culture and makes dining here even more pleasant. Not only are traditional Thai dishes served here, but also many other entrees from various other Asian countries. Curries, rice bowls, stir-fry, and many other great choices. Whatever your choice is for lodging near Zion, ask your front desk clerk for directions.

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Springdale’s 10 Best Places To Eat Lunch – Part 2

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