Springdale’s 10 Best Places To Eat Lunch – Part 1

Springdale’s 10 Best Places To Eat Lunch – Part 1

We’ve posted about the amazing food in Springdale before, but we want to focus this time on meal number two. When it comes to lunch, to say that Springdale restauranteurs are experts would be an understatement. In this two-part article, we’ll give you five of our choices and then in Part 2, we’ll give you the other five. These are in no particular order. While you’re experiencing Zion NP lodging, you can easily walk to almost any of these places. Which one is your favorite?


A longtime favorite of frequent Zion visitors that’s been around for over 20 years, Oscar’s is the perfect place for people who want a burger or a burrito. Their patio dining is famous for having some of the best views in town alongside some equally famous dishes like a page-long list of unique burgers (hint: the Avocado Chip Burger), amazing burritos (hint: Chili Verde Pork Burrito), and many other American and Mexican specialties. I know we keep saying this, but the ambiance here is to die for. It’s very social and elegant at the same time. I perfect compliment to your Zion NP lodging experience.

MeMe’s Café

MeMe’s is virtually smack-dab in the middle of Springdale with a very desirable location and within an easy walking distance of many Zion NP lodging establishments. Chances are you can easily walk there from where you’re staying. Like all of Springdale’s restaurants, the owner’s care very much about atmosphere and environment and this place does not disappoint. Not too big but not too small, MeMe’s easily gets repeat customers with their incredible food. They are masters at crepes, wraps, sandwiches, and salads. They have an entree called the Angel’s Landing sandwich that is big and delectable. If you’re having a hard time deciding, try it. It’s amazing. Lots of vegetarian options on the menu here as well.

Deep Creek Coffee Company

Consistently rated one of the absolute best coffee places in Southern Utah, Deep Creek is must-stop for people who consider themselves coffee people. Incredibly friendly baristas that really know what they’re doing elevate this unique joint to epic status. They also have breakfast and lunch menu items including home baked goods like pastries, scones, muffins, and smoothies. Careful coming here, though. It’s hard to leave. The aromas mixed with its incredible location and comfortable environment make you want to spend all afternoon there. Sit on the outside patio and take a look at…well…you’ll just have to go there to see. Remember your camera, that’s all we’ll say.

Café Soleil

The closest eatery before entering the park, this small delicious place is right next door to us, the best Zion NP lodging choice. Cafe Soleil’s atmosphere is unique in that it’s a healthy food establishment that doesn’t come off pretentious yet it is extremely inviting. Grab a sandwich quick or sit down for some amazing pizza or soup. Using only ultra-fresh ingredients, the food here will surprise you with how tasty it is. Many people have told us that this is their favorite place to eat in Springdale.

Blondie’s Diner

This mom-and-pop treasure is deceiving because it looks like a nice antique house from the 60s on the outside. The signage, of course, gives its true purpose away and boy, are you in a for a treat. The old country feel is certainly felt inside as the charming interior is covered with antique memorabilia and clever signs. Serving traditional food but with a southwestern feel, try and elk burger, a buffalo burger, or a Navajo taco. And don’t forget the fries! They are so good!


We’ll continue with the other five restaurants on our list in the article Springdale’s 10 Best Places to Eat Lunch – Part 2.

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Springdale’s 10 Best Places To Eat Lunch – Part 1

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