Photographing Zion National Park

Photographing Zion National Park

Photographing Zion National Park is a dream come true for both professionals and tourists.  The scenery is hard to match anywhere. Red dirt, blue skies, white billowy clouds, sandstone arches, colorful flora, forests, geologic wonders, and both harmless and predatory wildlife make photographing Zion a rare treat.

Photographing Zion National Park

Zion Canyon is one of the world’s coveted destinations for photographers.  In recent years, photographer traffic has increased by about 40%, in response to greater awareness of Zion through the internet.

The photo-ops seem endless in Zion, but some knowledge of when and where to go is important.  Accessible by shuttle van, Zion’s main canyon winds through enormous rock features, which cast shadows.  So, clever timing for lighting will affect the artistry of your photos. There is an App, called “Really Good Photo Spots.”  It will guide you to the stunning perspectives in photographing Zion, Southern Utah, and worldwide locations, too.

Towers Of The Virgin

From behind the Human History Museum, photographers continue to jostle and compete for the ideal shot.  The popularity of this place may be in response to blogs online, raving its prowess for photography; however, there are other roosts just as good, if not better.  One really cool thing is seeing the Towers at sunrise. It’s as if blood is dripping down the rock face over the multi-colored rock. On a 1 to 10 scale for photographic magnificence, the Towers are at least a 5.

Watchman From The Bridge

In a word, stunning; or if you prefer, gorgeous.  Many words are used to describe the view of the Watchmen cliffs from the bridge over the Virgin River.  It may be the most photographed spot in Southern Utah. It’s common to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other picture takers.  Sunset clicking is best, and it’s very accessible, just past the Visitors Center and across from the shuttle entrance. It scores a 9 on the scale of magnificence.  Photographing Zion should include the Watchmen.

Kolob Terrace Road

Not to be confused with Kolob Canyon Road, Kolob Terrace Road is rich with photo-ops.  The first pullout offers a stunning vista of open valley, and the third pullout is popular.  The road winds around, giving you good vantage points at either sunrise or sunset. This one gets a 6.

Canyon Overlook

Photographing Zion has been known to bring a tear to the eye, so have your handkerchief ready for this one.  Inspiring and humbling, the Canyon Overlook scores a 9 on the magnificence scale. Just past the Zion Mount Carmel Tunnel is a trailhead to this overlook.  An easy one-mile hike (which has some drop-offs, so risky for elderly and children) will get you there for something special. Sunset is best, and if you wait a few minutes for darker, you can get the lighted ribbons of car lights as they move along the winding road, below.  Long exposure times will provide a fantastic effect.

Photographing Zion National Park

Photographing Zion National Park

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