Discovering Springdale, UT: The Nation’s Best National Park Town – Part 1

Discovering Springdale, UT: The Nation’s Best National Park Town – Part 1

Of all the cities and towns that must be crossed through in order to gain entrance to a national park, Springdale is one of the absolute best. Located directly outside the entrance to the famous Zion National Park, this seemingly quaint yet powerful little town is expert at all of the things that make gateway towns desirable. As a base camp for Zion, it’s perfect. For anyone traveling to Zion National Park, Springdale UT has absolutely everything you could possibly need for such a trip. If you forgot something important there is no need to worry. You can get it conveniently somewhere in Springdale UT.

After miles of hiking inside Zion, Springdale UT has some of the best lodging and dining options in the entire state of Utah. All three meals and everything in between is covered here – breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee shops, bars, sports grilles, fine dining, casual dining, vegan, steakhouses, burger joints, and much more. If you’re looking for a recommendation for coffee, try Deep Creek Coffee Company. Exceptional service, amazing coffee (and food), and the vibe is very cool. You’ll want to hang out there for longer than you expected. Bring your computer, check your email, and let it be a hub of sorts for additional planning and discussion about your trip. It’s always nice (and usually necessary) to have a spot with good internet where you can spend some time. Vacation itineraries usually need alterations along the way and Deep Creek is the perfect comfortable place to accomplish that along with other things like video chatting with friends and family, updating your social media accounts, etc. Deep Creek also has really good smoothies, FYI. Try the Citrus Milo or the Einstein. Get some baked goods (including gluten-free and vegan options).

Want to go camping in Springdale UT? Inside Zion National Park about a half mile there are many campgrounds, all of which require reservations in advance. If you are staying at a hotel in Springdale UT, simply take a short free shuttle ride to the campground area. Remember that there aren’t any showers at these particular campgrounds. However, there are public showers at Zion Outfitters that are available 24/7. They simply require tokens which you can purchase there. Zion Outfitters also has a whole lot more you can purchase and rent, from canyoneering equipment to bikes to neoprene socks and a lot more. There is more than one establishment like this in Springdale UT, another one being Zion Adventure Company which offers similar services. Rentals usually go fast, particularly in the summer so try and reserve in advance if you can help it. Walking sticks, waterproof socks, and water boots tend to go quickly due to the popularity of The Narrows.

Since equipment and clothing rental are one of the most common things that Zion travelers do in Springdale UT, this is a good time to recommend that you go to your rental company the day before your excursion so that you can actually try on the equipment to make sure you get the right size. It will also give you the opportunity to watch the safety and instructional videos as well which are extremely beneficial, some of which are mandatory. The Narrows, for example, is a long, full day hike and your day will be a lot less stressful if you don’t have to go through these drills the day of.

Another specialized feature of Springdale UT are the art galleries. There a handful of them in town, all of which are breathtaking in their own way. If you like art, you’re going to want to carve out a space of time in your Zion itinerary to spend some time seeing them all. Local, national, and world-renown artists display their artwork and photography in Springdale UT.

This article will continue with the Springdale UT article Discovering Springdale, UT: The Nation’s Best National Park TownPart 2.

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Discovering Springdale, UT: The Nation’s Best National Park Town – Part 1

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