The Cliffrose: Not Your Average Hotel

The Cliffrose: Not Your Average Hotel

There are so many things about the Cliffrose Lodge & Gardens that set it apart from other lodging options not just in Springdale Utah and Zion Canyon but anywhere. When you go on a vacation, chances are that you’ll end up selecting a hopefully pleasant but ultimately common accommodation, a chain hotel of some variety. There is certainly nothing inherently wrong with going this route as it will most likely be inexpensive and perfectly adequate for most casual travelers, particularly those who don’t plan on spending much time at all at their hotel. But for those who really enjoy the relaxation portion of going on a vacation more than anything else, the Cliffrose is without question going to be your new favorite hotel, assuming you haven’t stayed here yet, in which case it may already be your favorite hotel. The Cliffrose in Springdale Utah is about as unique and fantastic as vacation accommodations get and those who stay here find it nearly impossible to not have every single one of their expectations met. As far as Springdale Utah hotels go, this is the tops.

It’s a given that the rooms are incredibly luxurious, spacious, comfortable, and include all of the amenities that you would expect the best hotels to have. But once you step outside the front door of your room, this is where the Cliffrose sets itself apart from all other Springdale Utah hotels. The grounds are meticulously and painstakingly cared for on a daily basis, making sure that it always looks immaculate. All of the natural flora of the area is on display throughout the landscape in radiant fashion. It’s as if you’ve stepped into another world more beautiful than the one you were previously in. And not only are the sprawling lawns, riverside beaches, fire pits, children’s play areas, and meandering walkways gorgeous as they are but suddenly you realize that all around you are the gargantuan cliffs of Zion National Park. It looks like you’ve walked into a painting. Taking a swim or relaxing at one of the two pool areas is also a popular option for guests as both are equipped with hot tubs, traditional swimming pools, and plenty of poolside seating

An enormous amount of our guests year in and year out are returning visitors. The Cliffrose has a certain way of endearing itself to you. Once you stay here, you feel a sense of ownership that draws you to return again and again. We hope that you’ll visit while you’re planning your next trip to Zion National Park. This beloved Springdale Utah hotel is waiting for you!

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The Cliffrose: Not Your Average Hotel

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